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SQUASH and other seasonal frivolities

See the picture on my header?  That’s just the first of three squash shopping excursions… We have this need to eat squash at the moment, it seems… I don’t even LIKE squash.  Its ok.  I want to like it.  I know it’s good for me…

We had had regular baked squash, stuffed squash (like stuffed green peppers kind of, but squash), a new pumpking soup which was REALLY yummy, pumpkin blondies (not that great but the frosting?   oh my!! maple cream cheese), great pumpkin cookies… which weren’t great.  Here’s the stuffed squash:

oct 09 033 oct 09 034

I have another 15 or so recipes I am hoping to try! 🙂  So far we have eaten a small jack-o-lantern pumpkin that we stuffed (will try a different kind next time!), a blue kuri squash, a sweet mama, and another I forget…

Here’s an updated picture of the kitchen sill… check out the cool turban squash on the left… its multi colored and… turban shaped

oct 09 051

In other news… Bryan cleaned the outside of my windows.  Yes. It is news-worthy!! We’ve talked about it for a long time, he inherited the monster ladder from Big Grandpa, and I feel thoroughly loved, besides my days being literally brighter!

oct 09 021

The garage is cleaned out and I am now parking inside… which is fabulous as it was 18 degrees this morning.  Its so brown and dreary, and we are READY for some snow to brighten up the landscape!!! Anytime now!!

Yesterday,  Bryan got called in to take an ‘on-call’ day.  Which worked out great since Talia doesn’t sleep anymore since she has been sick… so I slept in. YEAH!  Then after a late coffee, we played Farkle (basically Zilch, or Krunch… depending on what you called the dice game you grew up with).  Had an early lunch since, somehow we forgot to feed the kids breakfast. (could be because they didn’t get up til NINE!! ?!?)  oops! LOL.  and then Bryan and the boys made nunchuks after lunch while the girls and I napped and did laundry.  What a wonderful, wonderful day!  I love home schooling!!

The Lord’s Prayer gathering…

We tied up our series in Souljourn on the Lord’s Prayer this last week with a big review and… time of prayer!!  Imagine that.  Here is our order of service… I’ll try to explain a little how what we did.  The flow was beautiful and one thing naturally flowed into another.  On the left hand side are the phrases of the prayer, read by MJ (pastor) and on the right is what we said, sang, watched, etc…

AUDIO 2 Chronicles 7: 13-14 (read from

MJ Prayer:                                          Prayer for the churches in Anchorage

SONG                                                         Pray

*Our Father in the heavens              (FATHER’s Love Letter – youtube with Scriptures list)

SONG                                                         He Knows My Name

*Hallowed be thy Name Renee: (lead church through listening prayer, Ps 139 verse, hand positions of surrender)

*Thy Kingdom come … (songs)

SONG                                                           Let Your Kingdom Come

SONG                                                             Lead Me to the Cross

    MJ: (at some point during song invite people to cross which is in center of room today)

    *Give us our daily bread at the cross for communion

    *Forgive us our sins… MJ: stay @ cross and write out sins of others & self, tack up onto cross

    SONG                                              Lead Me to the Cross,  bridge and chorus

    SONG                                              Freedom Reigns

    SONG                                              Taste and See

      *Lead us not into temptation… MJ (laying on of hands for HS empowering)(CD music)

      *For Thine is the Kingdom… (Six people reading six sentences relating the following statement back to each of the previous portions of the Lord’s Prayer… “Because the Kingdom, Power and Glory belong to You, we can….”  while music begins)

      SONG                                     Yours Is the Kingdom

      SONG                                     Salvation Belongs to Our God

      SONG                                    Our God Reigns – (forever His Kingdom Reigns)

      SONG                                   Salvation Belongs to Our God (chorus)

        Sign up sheet for a week of 24/7 prayer…

        It was a beautiful time of bringing the series together and taking the ‘rote’ out of the Lord’s Prayer.

        Bits of family life

        Am I really back?  I’m not sure why I blog anyway, to be honest.    I suppose it is a record of sorts.

        After 11 days of fevers, Talia was finally better, and Thad came down with ‘it’.  I suppose they were both swine flu.  Thad ended up with a monster ear infection by the 4th day, but his fevers are now done, and it looks like no one else is getting sick.  I am looking forward to no more sickness and improved sleeping habits by the youngest.  I think her tummy has settled from the antibiotics and her yeast levels are back to normal, so I believe we’ll be starting solids this week! I think we’ll start with one of the 15 squash sitting on our kitchen window sill! 🙂  Here are the first lot before Bryan went to the store and brought home another 7! 🙂  I don’t even like squash, to be honest, but I am surely going to be eating it!!

        oct 09 018

        Talia is rolling all around the floor now, impressing us and herself.  She is smiley and beautiful and an absolute joy.  Now and then she has a real temper.  I heard her in a huge upset and came in worriedly, and Bryan was standing there laughing at her on the floor, screaming mad because he took a book away from her! 🙂  wow.  She may be like me in more ways than one…

        oct 09 007

        Tonight is the conclusion of our study on the Lord’s Prayer.  The whole service will be ‘the prayer’… I’ll make a post of it tomorrow so you can see kind of how we did it.  It will be followed by a week of the prayer room in Eagle River being open 24/7.  I am praying God continues to change us as we seek Him, and that the vision for a 24/7 prayer room in Anchorage will realized sooner than we can deem possible.

        AND SHE’S Back…

        🙂  A great and busy month with my sister and her family.  Followed with even LESS sleep as Talia (the 6month) came down with what they thought was the swine flu, or whatever it is they are calling it now.

        9 days into the fever they changed that to a UTI – poor baby…

        Next day, as her temp spikes at 103.8 under the arm, and she vomits and diahrrea’s for the umpteenth time that day out of her dipaer and clothers, I panic, take her in again.

        This time they say, UTI and the swine flu.

        but she is vastly improved today, as we finish up the 3rd day of antibiotics, so I am very encouraged and thrilled that my dear cousin-by-marriage is going to take the kids tomorrow afternoon so I can sleep with Talia.  Sleep.  blessed sleep.  elusive sleep… I’m off to try for some of that! 🙂

        Here’s a few grace’s from my list that is still officially short, but unofficially very LONG

        81. reorganized school / sun room and fresh vacuumed floor

        83. scattered bits of fall color still clinging to bare branches

        84. Nourishing Traditions book

        85. two head, double shower and conversation with husband

        86. showering next to my 2yr old – conversation a little different

        89. birthday flowers still blooming two weeks 11 days later

        90. one lone star peeking through cloudy skies

        91. Cate. taking my kiddos for an afternoon so I can sleep

        93. hot showers at 2am (luke warm for baby, followed by my hot one)

        95. Shand sharing everything with the baby… including cherished chocolate chips