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A little bit of Cairns… Crocodile Farm

Day 5.  oh to choose… out to the reef or to the crocodile farm?  Good thing we chose the crocodile farm since it rained off and on all day – it really wasn’t a ‘boat on water’ sort of day…

Crocodiles… it was very educational.  and entertaining.  They took wasteland and returned it to the former habitat of swamp and bush and have reintroduced all the native plants back into the area.  They have made a wonderful habitat for the crocodiles and other birds and animals inhabiting the area.  we went out on a boat in the river, and they fed crocodiles for their well-being and our entertainment 🙂  there was a croc show, a  snake show – poisonous ones and all that, and some other animal exhibits. 

The first koala here is just hanging out… literally… just HANGING.  the second pic… can you see the mama koala and her baby?

We had lunch by the river watching the crocs float, and eating his kin.  For those who are wondering… it tastes like greasy chicken with the texture of steak or pork.  We have eaten it previously, but it was the boys first time.  And they liked it.

A little bit of Cairns… the lagoon

so lets see… what day are we up to now?

Day 4.  Monday. The Lagoon!!  This fabulous community spot they have for the Cairns crowd.  By the beach.  WIthout the jelly fish. 🙂 Its beautiful.  We went in the evening, took our meat pies down to the Lagoon and let the kids play in the sand and water.  My favorite pics are of Shand and her Puppa… isn’t it precious?

Just as it turned dark, thousands of bats came out – an endless stream from the one side of the sky to another.  It was amazing.

You can see the big fish in the sky – there are streams of water that come out of their tails and fins and their mouths… and of course the fountain there as well.  It really is truly beautiful!

A little bit of Sydney…

So… we brought the rain with us to Sydney… its good really. It probably kept us from overdoing it with our tired and jet-lagged selves.

1st day… just get to the hotel!! THAT was a big walk from Central Station at Town Hall through to the other side of Darling Harbor. Yeah for a hotel that welcomed us at 9:30 am, let us drop our bags while we wandered off to find some breakfast.

Back at 11:30 to shower and nap… glorious horizontal sleep!!! Up and out around 4 to catch the last 20 minutes of the the free section of the Maritime Museum (otherwise known by Keenan as the Martini Museum! hmmm… I wonder what that would look like?) And finding some dinner and wandering around Harborside in the rain… Thinking a little smarter and catching the Monorail… THAT was a hit. Every time we hopped on, we went around an extra turn before getting off… taking advantage of dry warm seats and the happy kidsos in awe of the city lights at night.

2nd day, the next morning, still rainy and blustery, we went to the Powerhouse Museum. Being a homeschool parent, I was ESPECIALLY fond of this place. This is a ginormous interactive museum. Its been around a while… I went to it a couple times when I’ve been in Sydney on other occasions. The big space section was a highlight… specifically the anti-gravity capsule. The energy conservation section. The science show using liquid nitrogen and other fun showy things was fascinating for the kids.

Paddy’s markets (picture above) where we went for lunch overwhelmed us with the amount of people and noise. Compounded by our extreme exhaustion, I think we are definitely small town people! 🙂
We put the kids down for a bit of a rest at 4pm… well that was the end of that!! They would NOT wake up to eat the pizza we ordered, until 5pm the next morning.

3rd day… SUNSHINE! Glorious sunshine. We packed up and they held our bags down stairs while we outside for a morning of walking and sightseeing through the city.

We headed over Pyrmount Bridge (pic #1), wandering through the city (pic #2 – the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.  I love all the old buildings)…

Then over to Circluar Quay where we gazed at the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Opera House…

…walking back through the Royal Botanical Gardens and as you can see the boys LOVED the big trees.  We saw lots of fabulous birds, and native Australian plants which we identified for our notebooks.  We’ll see if we actually every MAKE our notebook pages.  BUT we have still enjoyed them, if not!

We spent the last half hour wandering through the Rocks… a fascinating area of old buildings and historical sights, reading all the signs on the walls. Old rocks and cobblestone streets, lots of moss, tiny alleys and crooked stairs.  The second picture above was Sydney’s first hospital.  Now its the police station.  Then we hoofed it back to our hotel to catch our taxi to the airport and head off to Cairns… Nana and Puppa here we come!

Just in time for fish and chips on the beach. It’s so WARM!!! WE BROUGHT THE CLOUDS TO CAIRNS – but at least they are WARM clouds!!

from Sydney, Australia

It feels weird to be writing from a hotel, paying $2 for 20 minutes.  BUT we checked the things we needed to check… SO I thought I’d update you all since we needed to use up the minutes.

Sydney is wet.  Not just a little but POURING wet.  After 28 hours enroute… we made it to Sydney.  make that 34 if you count how long it took us to get to our hotel.

We have enjoyed the views, the Monorail, the Powerhouse museum, and are going to check out the fireworks.


our schedules are ALL screwed up!! 🙂  after being up at 3:30 thismorning, we took our first nap at 6am. 🙂


I’m off!  to Cairns.