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Introducing Talia Anais Morris

We finally settled on a name…

Talia Anais

Pronounced: ta LEE ah AH na IS

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: heaven’s dew (dew of God) ; God’s grace and favor

She is doing well. My nxpplxs and elsewhere are healing, and I am winning, I think, the blocked duct war… we’ll see… it’s only one week yet. The kids are beautiful with her. Here are a few pics from the hospital… and right before…

Click on the pics for a better look.  Shand loved to tickle and kiss my belly button.  In the one picture, you can see a funny look on Thad and Shand’s faces… the baby started crying really loud.  They weren’t sure what to do!

The boys are so darn proud, and just precious to watch.  Shand is getting more interested… gets very concerned when she cries.  The first time I was alone with the two of them, and changing Talia’s diaper while she screamed, Shand was VERY concerned and started crying and sobbing right along with her.  It was all very… LOUD! 🙂

I have some more pictures, but we can’t find the camera cord to upload them to the computer… soon…  meanwhile… its nap time while the two little ones nap… I’m off for some shut-eye!

Baby Girl…

April 20, 9:48pm

7 pounds, 12 oz.  21 inches long. 

LOTS of hair. 

Awesome Labor, ending of course with the getting her out part, which was thankfully short!!  But the whole experience was really so much better than the first V-BAC, a nurse which helped out tremendously with helping me find different positions… and my Dr stayed on even though it wasn’t his turn to be on call, he came anyway.  I love my Doctor!!  He was a wonderful coach through the pushing at the end part.  Later after I had gotten up and showered I looked in the mirror… no pitikia! (I don’t know how you spell it – but last time I was white as a sheet and polka dot red all over my face, neck and chest, arms and back) .  I felt much better than last time, and everything feels as if its healing much quicker…

OH you want a name?? 

I think she does too, as her brother calls her Yoda, and I keep calling her Shand (oops!)… its narrowed down now… I was going to post pics, but Shand is awake, and I bet she’d appreciate a few minutes with me without the baby awake!! 🙂  Pics to come this evening… PROMISE!! 🙂  Yes, those are her perfect little feet on the header.

no baby yet

each night I am SURE it is THE night!!  After all, Bryan and I are doing OUR part to help it happen!!  I just say I have a happy husband right now… sorry… TMI? 🙂

My back continues to ache and hurt, but after to chiro visits, I’m waiting until after the baby comes.  I’m obsessive over getting the dishes done and keeping the floor picked up.  The kids don’t know what’s up!!

The problem is, if the laundry is all caught up, then the baby doesn’t come, and then its not caught up again! and I dusted, and now it is dusty again… ??!?!?

This whole waiting game has given MANY opportunities for conversations about birthing with the kids.  Keenan has had far FAR too much time to come up with detailed questions… not settling for anything but detailed answers… sigh.

Thaddeus asked me this morning,” Mom do you wish you were a boy so you didn’t have to have pain?  Then you could just do Civil War and basketball and go hunting”.  Right.  I told him I’d MUCH rather have a baby than go to war, and I could do the other two things as well as have a baby!! 🙂

Here is my theme verse for the month… maybe the year… or the whole of my parenting life maybe?

James 1:20  “The anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.”


James 2: 12-13  “So speak and so act as those who are to be judged by the law of liberty.  For judgment will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy;  mercy triumphs over judgment.”

Come on contractions!!!   I’m READY!!  have a good rest of your week…

Our holy week

or not so holy week.  Or just the regular awareness of the everyday routines and chaos in which we pursue the holiness and the presence of God, made more poignant by our rememberance of Jesus’ holy passion for us.

That was a long sentence.  I shouldn’t try to wax so eloquently!

Palm Sunday: awesome.  Loved it! I would post our order of service, except it was quite liturgical, LOTS of scripture reading, a songs sprinkled through.  My favorite part was the communion, received after lying our coats at the altar and kneeling on them… and leaving them there for the following people to kneel on.

Home Church: every one should have this experience.  an hour + of prayer, while two people ‘man’ your feet… as in… I got over an hour+ foot rub, one person on each foot, during a sweet sweet time of prayer,  closed with Psalm 139.  That is service for ya!

Passover Dinner: Nice.  At our house again, and I can’t believe I didnt’ get a picture with the long tables stretching from our dining area into the living room.  The kids seemed really into it this year.  It didn’t seem quite as… meaningful this year, for some reason.  It could have been the distracting pain level of my back, or the business of it being in our home, and my exhaustion level… I’m not sure.  Still though, it was great, and

Tenebrae Service (Good Friday): this will be quite liturgical, again… focused on the last 7 ‘words’ (or phrases) of Christ.  It was a challenge finding just the right songs for these… but very meaningful for me.  I’m lookign forward to tonight, followed by Hot Cross Buns.

Saturday: bunny day at Grandma and Grandpa’s… Easter egg hunt, Easter dinner… the prayer room will be open from the Good Friday service through to Sunday morning Easter Service, and Keenan is wanting to go out, so if Bryan doesn’t work, we’ll all go out to the prayer room for a couple hours… minus Shand…

First Fruits: Resurrection Sunday – a sweet morning, hopefully at home with our children, dinner with some friends, and our celebration gathering with Souljourn in the evening.

HOPEFULLY followed by a quick and painless labor!! 🙂 I guess I don’t get to CHOOSE that really!!