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May 28 Worship Gathering – Communion Serving each other

Prayer:  Each week we pray for a different church.  During MJ (pastor) and my meeting on Tuesday, we were interrupted by a lady commenting on our Bible Study, who turned out to be the pastor's wife of the Baptist church we prayed for… Isn't that so neat?  So we got to share with her how we prayed for them, and she said, “that was SO God, as they needed it.” – pretty neat, huh?!?!


Immortal, Invisible (with an organ and congos… it was pretty neat!)  I love this hymn


I shared about corporate worship, and the unity it brings.  Story of Jehosaphat from 2 Chronicles 20:2-9, and how worship was used for spiritual warfare.  How it takes us into God's presence where the Enemy has no choice but to flee.         Psalm 22:3 and Matthew 18:20.  This fires me up… the mental pictures it evokes as, in one accord, we lift up God's name…


Holy Is the Lord (Chris Tomlin)

We Fall Down

Agnus Dei


Teaching Phillipians 2:1- ? 🙂


Break Our Hearts

Sweet Mercies


Communion  – we did it different this time.  We served it to each other, in the “theme” of unity and one body… and we said this to each other, based on Phillipians 2:1-2


“Because we both belong to Christ I offer you any encouragement you might need as my (brother/sister) in Christ Jesus.


Because we both belong to Christ I offer you comfort from Christ Jesus' unconditional love for you as well as my love for you.


Because we both share the same Holy Spirit I offer you my fellowship, to truly know you and be known by you.


Because you are my (brother/sister) in Christ I give you my affection and my compassion.


All of this, I give to you as I serve you this symbol of Christ Jesus' body and blood shed for the forgiveness of our sins that we may be joined together in perfect unity with God and with each other as we wait for Christ to return and take us, His bride, to be with Him forever.


(Then a prayer for the person)



Let Thy Kingdom Come



Once again, I am trying a routine of sorts.  I am desperate.  I do not like routines.  Neither do my children, but they need them.  And so do I now that I have them, and things have to get done HERE even more so than “outside” the house. (appointments commitments etc)

It seems like it should be so basic, you know?  I mean come on.  How hard can it be to get everyone to get dressed, pickup, have breakfast, in a semi orderly ma nner, right?  Well, apparently for me, hard.  Because I am rather lazy and selfish, to be quite frank.  Not in every area ( gotta give myself something here!! ) BUT in the area of organizing my time at home. SO

Last night are family sat together at the kitchen table.  Cell church was cancelled.  And we had a family meeting with my 6yr and 3yr olds, and Daddy.  We walked through the whole day, how they could help, what responsibilities would be theirs.  (#yr old says “pick up the balls” ) He got it!! yeah!!!! So officially, he is the ball picker- upperer.

Today, Keenan crawls into my bed DRESSED!! incredibly proud of himself, (and so he should be!!) SO what could I do, but get out of bed and get dressed…  sigh… I might turn into flylady after all!!

Sutton Camping and Pictures

Well, Sutton was fabulous, 80 degree weather (I still can not believe it!)  Here is what the kids said was their favorite thing:

Keenan:  My favorite part of the camping trip was playing in the water.  (there was a creek, really shallow, with lots of rocks a bit of mud.  Perfect and safe for the kids)

Thaddeus:  My shavrit (favorite) is show (four) weeing (wheeling) – and wocks go in duh wadah .  (He loves loves throwing rocks in the water.  Which he spent the whole time doing, or his other favorite thing… beggin for rides on the four wheeler.  literally – a new family would drive up, and he would be asking them “Is this your four wheeler, Can I ha ve a ride?” – or trying to make you feel guilty for not giving him a ride yet.  This kid REALLY knows how to work the system!!  He finds loop holes in instructions, and wheels and deals to get what he wants, all while appearing sweet and innocent and cute.  BIT stinker!)

They also LOVED to pee in the bushes Thaddeus did not have one accident… because its just too much fun to pee with Daddy outside!!  And Keenan learned a messy lesson about watching which way the wind blows!!

Here are a couple pics.  First the boys with Daddy and Grandpa… then Keenan enjoying the dirt… then Bryan and I after our big four wheeling trip.  That was  surpirse, because I didn't expect to be able to go on the big trip, so that was fun… thanks to Grandma and Auntie Heather for watching our boys!!

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SUMMER in MAY!!! – in Alaska no less

WOW – we have been having the most amazing weather.  This is day four of incredible sunshine and warmth.  Its hot!! (well, 74 degrees 🙂 )  We have been on picnics, and bike rides, and playgrounds, the zoo,  OH, it feels SO SO SO good!!!  I put the kids in shorts!!

Today we are going to Sutton, north a couple hours.  meeting up with a bunch of family and friends with four wheelers… we'll be tenting and the kids are so very excited.  It should be by a creek, so Thaddeus will be in little boy heaven throwing rocks in there.  We'll take the kites and the bubbles, play in the dirt, go for a hike… make s'mores… and come home smoky and dirty. yes – it should be a great trip!

one more thing:  Keenan at lunch today with some CHinese food “oh, mom, my tummy feels flavored!” me”really?” “yeah, there is too much flavor” cute.

TEHILLAH – 4 of 7

EDIT TO ADD: note to self: do not try fancy colors and fonts!!! you'll mess it up and not know how to fix it!!

TEHILLAH -teh-hil-law- to sing, to laud a hymn. A spontaneous new song. Singing from a melody in your heart by adding words to it.   Usually translated praise.

This refers to a special kind of singing-it is singing unprepared, unrehearsed songs. Singing straight to God.

  “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving (Towdah) and into His courts with praise (Tehillah)” Psalm 100:4.

To enter into the gates… part way! – through thanksgiving (towdah – confession – of who God is)  

The entrance into the court, the inner place, the perceived manifested presence of the Father inside His court, is through Tehillah.

  When Solomon completed all the work for the house of the Lord, the singers and musicians “…were as one to make one sound to be heard in praising (Halah) and thanking (Yadah) the Lord, and when they lifted their voice with the trumpets and symbols and instruments of music, and praise (Halah) the Lord, … the glory of the Lord filled the house of God.” 2 Chronicles 5:1,13,14.

  In other words when they gave Tehillah, which means to sing Halah, the presence of God manifested and filled the Temple. It was while they were ministering; singing and playing music in praise, that God manifested Himself through His glory.

OK, run with me here… put together Romans 6:4 and 8:11, the the glory of God is the Holy Spirit.  (at least can be – remember, not a theologian!! ) .  The Holy Spirit is in me… as a believer, God's child.  God's glory in me!  Could it not be then, that as we TEHILLAH to the Father, He might reveal Himself, so that we might perceive the manifestation of His presence?

PRACTICAL:  I have discovered one of my favorite ways to worship, is to put a Bible up on the piano, and sing through a Psalm.  I choose a chord progression.  just 3 – 4 chords long that I can repeat over and over.  And at some point in there, David's words become my words, and God speaks to me through a phrase, or burdens my heart to intercede for something or someone, or shows me an area of my heart I need to confess.  Its kind of like musical “Lectio Divino”. and I sing / pray / confess / praise whatever is in my heart.

ALSO, in church, or singing along to a worship CD, have you ever been overwhelmed by the truth of something, and you just wanted to insert your own words, and affirmations of who God is… your heart is screaming “take all of me”  or “you are the king, and I submit” or “i hunger for you, I want to hunger more for you” – or something… but of course we wouldn't normally sing that out, because it doesn't work for us culturally.  We are more concerned about what others think, and are trained to FOLLOW in worship.  But I think that is Tehillah… And I guess that is what they are doing on those Hillsong CD's and others… where the music sort of stalls at the end and there is just a bunch of people singing all different things, whatever is on their heart.  Could never figure that out!! So anyway.  I realize most of you will not go to church this Sunday, and start singing out when no one else, or when the leader is singing somethign a little different.  (honestly? they don't at my church either often, and I lead worship!) BUT we have done it in our home churches, and we have had the SWEETEST times of worship in our living room. 

SO, I encourage you, ask Him for more hunger.  more heart songs.  and when He gives them to you, sing them out and give Him all the glory!!

More funny kid stuff – and orienteering

Orienteering:  you have a start place, are handed a map of landmarks and the lay out of the land… no words of course!!   and that sort of thing, oriented North, and clues to get to different markers.  then you “punch” your card at each clue.  Its a lot of fun, and this weeks course was pretty hard, I guess.  We have nothing to compare it to since it was our first time.  Next time we will bring a compass – which I am sure would help!!

You know, there are weeks where the kids don't seem to be all so hilarious… and then there are weeks, where you can't remember all of the things, its so much!!

Keenan… he is such a hoot.  We heard a story about him from his two afternoons at the deaf school.  They had an “artist in residence” there for a week, a wonderful story teller (in sign, obviously, since she is deaf) and they were going to act out animals, so the kids got to choose… all the kids are asking for the usual, dogs, cats, bears… you know.  and Keenan raises his hand “Thompson's Gazelle”  (NOTE: – we are finishing up One Small Square series – African Savannah) – which I highly recommend.

On the same note, at the Imaginarium a few months back, they were doing a workshop on DNA, and she asked what kinds of things are body is made up of… kids are listing bones, blood, muscle, my son says “Platelets”   He really is quite brilliant.  The funny thing is, he is not a studious and serious child.  He is one of the silliest I know!! He just reads a lot and retains a lot.

We watched Bed Knobs and Broomsticks… the army comes in at the end.  Immediately after, he has the “Wiggles” guitar out labels all the parts of the gun on there (with kid labels!! – he doesn't actually know the terms…) and proceeds to play army for the next two hours.  I played with him for a while.  He was dead at one point, but then he tells me “God shone down on me, and I rose again” – Well, I'll be… the faith of a child I can't really put in words what it is like to hear him play.  Its just a hoot… I have to be careful not to laugh out loud!!

Yesterday was the deaf school's play, he did so well.  amazing what a year can do for a child's ability to stay focused through a performance, and to control themselves by not looking at the audience.  funny stuff.