🙂  A great and busy month with my sister and her family.  Followed with even LESS sleep as Talia (the 6month) came down with what they thought was the swine flu, or whatever it is they are calling it now.

9 days into the fever they changed that to a UTI – poor baby…

Next day, as her temp spikes at 103.8 under the arm, and she vomits and diahrrea’s for the umpteenth time that day out of her dipaer and clothers, I panic, take her in again.

This time they say, UTI and the swine flu.

but she is vastly improved today, as we finish up the 3rd day of antibiotics, so I am very encouraged and thrilled that my dear cousin-by-marriage is going to take the kids tomorrow afternoon so I can sleep with Talia.  Sleep.  blessed sleep.  elusive sleep… I’m off to try for some of that! 🙂

Here’s a few grace’s from my list that is still officially short, but unofficially very LONG

81. reorganized school / sun room and fresh vacuumed floor

83. scattered bits of fall color still clinging to bare branches

84. Nourishing Traditions book

85. two head, double shower and conversation with husband

86. showering next to my 2yr old – conversation a little different

89. birthday flowers still blooming two weeks 11 days later

90. one lone star peeking through cloudy skies

91. Cate. taking my kiddos for an afternoon so I can sleep

93. hot showers at 2am (luke warm for baby, followed by my hot one)

95. Shand sharing everything with the baby… including cherished chocolate chips

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