The Lord’s Prayer gathering…

We tied up our series in Souljourn on the Lord’s Prayer this last week with a big review and… time of prayer!!  Imagine that.  Here is our order of service… I’ll try to explain a little how what we did.  The flow was beautiful and one thing naturally flowed into another.  On the left hand side are the phrases of the prayer, read by MJ (pastor) and on the right is what we said, sang, watched, etc…

AUDIO 2 Chronicles 7: 13-14 (read from

MJ Prayer:                                          Prayer for the churches in Anchorage

SONG                                                         Pray

*Our Father in the heavens              (FATHER’s Love Letter – youtube with Scriptures list)

SONG                                                         He Knows My Name

*Hallowed be thy Name Renee: (lead church through listening prayer, Ps 139 verse, hand positions of surrender)

*Thy Kingdom come … (songs)

SONG                                                           Let Your Kingdom Come

SONG                                                             Lead Me to the Cross

    MJ: (at some point during song invite people to cross which is in center of room today)

    *Give us our daily bread at the cross for communion

    *Forgive us our sins… MJ: stay @ cross and write out sins of others & self, tack up onto cross

    SONG                                              Lead Me to the Cross,  bridge and chorus

    SONG                                              Freedom Reigns

    SONG                                              Taste and See

      *Lead us not into temptation… MJ (laying on of hands for HS empowering)(CD music)

      *For Thine is the Kingdom… (Six people reading six sentences relating the following statement back to each of the previous portions of the Lord’s Prayer… “Because the Kingdom, Power and Glory belong to You, we can….”  while music begins)

      SONG                                     Yours Is the Kingdom

      SONG                                     Salvation Belongs to Our God

      SONG                                    Our God Reigns – (forever His Kingdom Reigns)

      SONG                                   Salvation Belongs to Our God (chorus)

        Sign up sheet for a week of 24/7 prayer…

        It was a beautiful time of bringing the series together and taking the ‘rote’ out of the Lord’s Prayer.

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