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For the Brian Reagan fans… a copy cat.

Thad this morning:

Eli is my BEST friend.   Except for Jesus.  He’s a little more favorite!

with a B.R. sound and everything…

July 4

Camping over the 4th… we stayed in the in-laws hauling trailer.  It worked out great.  we put up a net inside.  Although it was a little like sleeping in a tin can, not masking ANY of the noise from outside… the night of the 3rd, some other campers decided to start off some fireworks at midnight till after 1am.  Then they got in a big brawl and fight with much yelling “where’s the gun?” type stuff for a couple hours.  Then they set off more firesworks at 5am.  yippee!!

July 2009 036

Fireworks. Shand thought they were too loud, but still liked them!

The boys went on the big  5 hour 4 wheeling trip.  They were VERY tired!! and dirty.  Its a beautiful thing.

July 2009 039

July 2009 041


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July 2009 032

Beautiful, tired, and dirty faces.

July 2009 020

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July 2009 026

The night of the 4th we drove home instead of sleeping another night there.  getting home at 2am to my bed was better than a chaotic next morning alternative.

July 2009 044

The next day? naps for all… even for the one who SWORE he wasn’t tired, and would just lay on the couch.  He was asleep before I could get back to him and insist he try to sleep on his bed! 🙂

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Busy, of the fun kind, Summer!!

And a HEAT WAVE!!  its been between 70 and 80 degrees… I, Renee, am actually hot.  And I love it.  Thaddeus has ended up sleep walking to a cooler couch the last few nights… a little transient sleeper have we!  I’m thinking Talia is hot, and that is why she is so fussy… I can’t think of any other reason anyway.

Here are some pics of our fun. (Click to enlarge)

A little Scottish Highland Games.

The boys tried their hand at some of the events. Talia slept all day in our Moby Wrap with short breaks for feeds.  It was awesome.  Shand had a nap in the Ergo on Daddy’s back.  meanwhile, she lounged in the stroller 🙂 I included pics here of her fingerpainting so you can see them close up… she is so cute and full of facial expressions that I rarely manage to catch!

We had our fill of shortbread and took some home to have with tea the next day.   We even got a baby sitter so Bryan and I (and Talia) could return by ourselves for the evening concert. (Old Blind Dogs from Scotland)

Shand has discovered finger painting… included in this activity is painting the fingers! 🙂 (click on the above thumbnails for close-ups)

June 2009 147

June 2009 148

June 2009 149

Here’s Talia smiling, and I’ll post July 4th pics in the next few days. maybe. 🙂

June 2009 169