About Me

I always want to ignore this page. After all, I am just… me.

I am not a creative writer, so I have nothing astounding or funny to say to make you believe I am anything but just… me.

I am from the jungles and the highlands and the beaches of Papua New Guinea. I am from the mission boarding school and the infant church of the Sepik jungle. I am from flat bottom river boats, log jams and mud squishing between my toes. I am from long school flights in Cessna airplanes, from weekly radio chats with parents and late night chats with roommates. I am from a barefoot life even when hiking, jackknives and toads, motorbike rides and bonfires, snorkeling and shaving legs in the creek by our house. I am from mold, humidity, heat and mosquitoes. I am from musty books, sun burnt noses, one double pierced ear, rice, bananas, rice, papaya, rice, pineapple…

I come from university, opera, theater and endless hours of piano practice.

Today I am from the mountains of Alaska. Long dark winters and endless summer days. I have grieved a baby gone to heaven and walked with his twin on this earth. I have watched the miracle of another unfold within me against all nurses and doctor’s expectations. And experienced the miracle of ‘regular’ pregnancy and child birth. I have walked through the unbelievable love of a spouse, the turmoil of betrayal, the hard work of forgiveness, and the sweet relief it gives. I am a homeschooling, recycling, bread making, organic veggie, raw milk toting, chocolate- wine- carb lover. I am a worshiper, helping to creatively lead my church family and others into deeper intimacy with Jesus. I am a host to our mid week church meeting. I am a piano teacher. Above all, I strive to be a lover of Jesus, hoping His love will flow out of my heart and permeate the many roles I live out. Balanced by His Spirit.

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