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Every day, I plan to:

Edited to take out gobbly-goo nonsense at the top… sorry if you missed it! 馃檪

Bryan and I are thinking about our goals for our family… our day, whether it be a home school day or not.聽 Really the biggest problem for us is me.聽 So maybe our first goal… my first goal… should be me… I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into this… just this afternoon while I should be doing math with the boys and the baby is sleeping! 馃檪聽 Inspired by Anne at Mozart and Mudpies…

Every day, I plan to:

inspire my spirit with…

Scripture and worship (at the piano if possible, with CD if not)

energize my body by…

a walk outside (even though its cold) or a ride on the indoor bike

challenge my mind through…

reading a chapter of a classic book.

feed my craving for beauty with…

Classical music, getting dressed with a bit of make-up – this seems shallow and simplistic, but…

bring peace and comfort to my home by…

smiling at and hugging my children

take simple pleasure in…

each child鈥檚 uniqueness, one cleaning/organizing/ kitchen activity, from beginining to end

remember my cheerful heart聽by…

saying something thankful to God around each family gathering

and at the end of the day,

I’ll give thanks to God and soothe聽any weariness with…

a face wash and a tooth brush, bath or shower and a moisturize – again… simplistic and shallow, but little things I skip when I’m too tired.

random stuff

I know… more Australia pics… I will… WILL have this trip journaled, even if its next year before I’m done!!

Random stuff…

  • I love frozen blueberries… especially when I”m pregnant.聽 As well as Frozen lemonade.聽 And Ginger Ale or ginger beer.聽 the good stuff.聽 which is harder to find in the States.聽 It makes me very happy.
  • Coffee with frufru (its a word- don’t look at me with a confused look!) makes me sick when I am pregnant.聽 That makes me sad.
  • Shand turned on the tv (she likes doing this and then walking away, leaving my older boys fixated on the box) mom “turn the tv off” – Keenan “But mom, this is a really good show” – mom “what’s it about?” – “Its about a woman who doesn’t have any birth control.聽 That’s to help her not have children” – mom “excellent.聽 turn it off anyway” ?????????
  • Sometimes (yesterday – and other days this week… wait, its only the 4th day…) I wonder WHY on earth I am home schooling.聽 But at this point, it wouldn’t fix anything to put them in school either.聽 I’d just have someone else to blame, even if not rightfully so.
  • Keenan wants are day to be a real school schedule… LOL – OK!!!聽 馃檪聽 I’ll let you know how he likes that.
  • I want a bath with a good book that does nothing but takes me away from the cleaning, schooling and mothering for an hour.
  • I miss sunshine and the warmth it brings when you are closer to the equator.聽 I cannot, CANNOT convince myself to get outdoors when its cold and the memory of warmth and slipping on sandals is so fresh still.聽 Can’t.聽 WWWAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  • Thaddeus did school yesterday with a magnifying glass ‘guiding’ him in a florescent green bug costume that he talked to all afternoon.

A little bit of Mukinbudin from Rachel’s house

Our trip up… we stopped at Brumbie’s Bakery to grab some yummies to eat on the 3 1/2 hour trip.聽 REALLY someone needs to open a bakery like that here!!聽 They are everywhere in Australia.聽 The scenery was beautiful.聽 Hope you don’t mind some scenery shots.聽 The fields of flowers were gorgeous!

Feel free to note the badly out-of-focus-but-beautiful wildflowers heading my blog at the moment.

We went out exploring in the bush and on big rocks… complete with a little snack of Cheezels… a childhood favorite I had to let my children experience!!

Rach and I couldn’t let THEM have all the fun!

It is fun to see the cousins together, don’t you think?聽 I love family!!!

And a choice piece of real estate… we could be comfortable here!! I mean, check out the view!!

Are you sick of it yet… cause i’m not done!!聽 next stop… the farm! 馃檪

A little bit of Perth from Raewyn’s house

Its 2am, and I can’t sleep. I just put the kids back to bed for another round of sleeping after some popcorn and Looney Tunes.聽 We are back in Alaska and thought I’d continue or journey.聽 More for me than you all, but you are welcome to read along and comment and gaze at my lovely Australia.

I just couldn’t get around to blogging. I had to upload pics the LONG way, so it wasn’t very inspiring. PLUS… Our family took turns getting some nasty flu bug, we moved every 3-4 days, and … wait for it… I’m pregnant! 馃檪 SO throw in a little nausea and a bunch of extra exhaustion on top of normal travel and jet lag weariness and … I didn’t blog!

SO here is our first few days in Perth.

Bryan was VERY sick on the way over. chills shaking his body, etc. Our trip to and from Perth was the ‘cheap’ (that’s relative!!) midnight flight. Our flight from Cairns to Brisbane was so delayed we missed our connecting flight to Perth, so had to stay in Brisbane the night. We were less than impressed, but enjoyed the sleep!

We stayed the first few days with my sis Raewyn, and got to know her little six month old Gregan, (pronounced Greegan) who is ADORABLE.

Shand much time switching pacifiers with him, feeding him… or just eating it herself…

Raewyn spoiled us, buying all kinds of Aussie treats we grew up with… here is Keenan and Thad having a sample one night. Freckles, bananas, musk sticks, bullets (choc covered licorice) milk bottles, jaffas…

Each morning they woke up and watched Sponge Bob with a cup of Milo (sort of healthy hot chocolate) and a blanket… what a tradition! 馃檪

We spent some time with other relatives. Spent the day at King’s Park in Perth with the four sisters. its the best park EVER, smack dab in the middle of the city over looking the Swan River. gorgeous… and its WILDFLOWER season! 馃檪 It has 4 different parks, We saw lots of birds, including a pair of kookaburras which did their thing (laughing) very well and frequently to my boys delight. There are too many pics to choose from, so I’ll skip on that. the amount of amazing plant varieties, and beautiful children shots, and the parks and trees and gums and ghost gums… its amazing. You just MUST go! 馃檪 BUT I will share this picture of Shand… she found her nostril. Its momentous, really!

We got to have morning tea with an internet friend, now REAL LIFE friend Val at Pause for a Moment

She REALLY knows how to put on a morning tea!! 馃檪

Rae and I had a day out shopping with just us (and Gregan) while Bryan and the boys stayed home and vegged… Bryan recovering, and Keenan in full swing with the flu.

Then we headed up to Mukinbudin to visit my eldest sister Rachel and her family. Brad is a pastor in this wheatbelt town and also pastors another church at the moment. They have a wonderful ministry. Its a whole nuther post, and not my story, so I’ll probably never share it, but suffice to say they have seen much adversity both of the spiritual kind and physical kind, and natural disaster kind… and they are seeing the fruits of discipleship and prayer and faith and God’s grace and power. awesome stuff. More pics Muka later.