Monthly Archives: July 2010

why I am glad my kids talk back


When I bark instructions and Keenan begins stomping down the hall sighing, and I stop him and ask what’s up.  And he says, ” every time you ask me to do something you say it so mean and it just makes me not want to do it!”


Feeling small.  In an appropriate and good way.

I am glad that even with too much yelling and tones of voice that are  barky and mean and not conversationally inviting, they are still willing to put themselves out there and say how they feel.  And I am thankful that we are all… dad included… working on our tone.  On NO sarcasm.  Even the slight subtle kind. And sounding friendly if firm. On speaking gently.  On giving instructions clearly and precisely.

It definitely makes for a happier home.  One where the talk-backs become fun and induce giggles and smiles and hugs.