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Outside my window…

dripping of melting snow… lovely

I am feeling…

restless… wanting the next stage (moving) the next season (SPRING) a new schedule (… but what will work?) Knowing I must live and enjoy the NOW… He is my PRESENT help… now.

I am thinking . . .

how I miss my husband and sons.  We all belong together.

I am thankful that…

I still have my little girls to keep me company

From the learning rooms…

books everywhere.  The world map is falling off the wall from getting touched so much. GREAT STUFF!

From the kitchen…

NOTHING except some dishes that need to be finished and soaking pinto beans.  Its nice not having so many to cook for.  For dinner I had the two left over pieces of pizza from lunch that my sister-in-law and MIL brought.

I am wearing…

slippers, jeans, old t-shirt and fleece hoodie.

I am creating…

nothing.  I’d really like to start being able to pout something in this spot… really!

I am going…

nowhere.  Home all weekend.  Bryan accidentally took the keys with him camping. Its nice KNOWING I can’t go anywhere.

I am reading…

Leadership Education and Thomas Jefferson Education – that’s where most of my thoughts and brain power are going lately.

I am hoping…

for a less interrupted sleep tonight.

I am hearing…

only the hum electric stuff in our house.  The silence is lovely.

Around the house…

dark and quiet, semi picked up, most of the laundry caught up, and warm enough that the windows were open a couple hours today.

One of my favorite things…


A few plans for the rest of the week:

implementing more of the Thomas Jefferson Education principles.  Drinking  more water.  Less researching and finding inspiration on the computer and more implementing what I know so far.  More quiet time to evaluate and pray, etc.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

A Simple Woman’s Daybook

Outside:  Overcast and Foggy, AND snow coming down. again. As it has the last entire week, and stinkin’ cold.

In the Kitchen: Handwashing from the last two days… those big soup pots from the last two days – Mulligatawny Soup and Winter Veggie Chili.  What a mess!

In the learning department: Reading a book on Helen Keller, playing w/ an ear model, making secret codes with their spy kit, chores and routines

Reading with the Kids: Complete Adventure of Peter Rabbit, The Jungle Book, The Year of Miss Agnes

And I’m Reading: Double Take, Leadership Education, A Thomas Jefferson Education, Fresh Encounters, Created to Be His Hellpmeet… that ‘s a lot of books at one time…

Preparing for Lent: Reading of The Exodus with the Kids, Read Isaiah 40 to the end on my own

Picture Thought: Here are pics of Shand dressing… jammy pants inside out, one sock, purple scarf and the boy’s sunglasses…Dancing to Keenan’s Christmas music, wearing the apron mom made her, underwear and Christmas socks.

Dress-up dress, A Rachel’s cast off purse (I think it was hers?) socks and her fancy heels (Thanks A Rachel!)

Talia’s tights, Grandma’s hand-knit hat from her infancy, beads and a foam sword…

Is it she lovely?  This girl is full of surprises and frustrations and laughs and tantrums… She is so much fun and I pay for it when I ignore her and get too distracted!! 🙂  Next time… some pics of Talia.

Family Meetings

It took us forever to find sunday morning to be the best time far a family meeting… why did it take us so long?  After breakfast, we discuss stuff and then play games or something.  Today’s ended with the chicken dance… shouldn’t every family meeting end in the chicken dance?

A few new things we are doing… the bean counter… family excursion when the pretty bottle is full of the glass beads being transferred in for ‘good deeds’ – this being a very loose term.  We can put beans in for whatever we feel like… some silly things even.  The kids are very excited about it, as you can imagine.  Especially since our first family excursion will be to the new Star Wars exhibit at the Museum.

Mornings.  I just MUST  be up unless I have a very VERY good excuse!!  which happens often enough to get me into a bad habit, but it just wreaks havoc with our day.  And Keenan had a brilliant (and I mean brilliant!) idea to give me breakfast in bed 🙂 so, I guess we won’t start that tomorrow.

If you do not have your own family meetings, whoever you might be reading this, you really should!!  It is so bonding and unifying, and is a great place to bring grievances, etc.

Recently, God has been so gracious and abundant in giving Bryan and I wisdom in our parenting, opening our eyes to view our children as he sees them.  Its good…  very very good.

compliment of the month from Keenan: after  a discussion on why he is too young, and who he can or can’t marry, etc.

Mom:  Why do you want to get married so badly, Keenan?

Keenan: Well, you and dad are married and it just looks so… joyous!

A New Direction

or something like that.  Our lives.  Our home school.  Our parenting.  It’s bending in a new direction, though we are unsure exactly where that is going.

Our lives… trying to sell the house.  SO looking forward to less space and less stuff.  Moving to Australia in September or October.  Becoming more ‘green’ – more natural, more local, more organic, less pre-prepared food, less medicine.  Talking about Australia in using the trains system and buying bikes for everyone.  Finding all the local places for raw milk, meat, eggs, honey, veggies and fruit… self sustaining… though that is so far off its hardly a dream 🙂

Our home school… less school.  more life.  practical.  including them in our lives in the kitchen in the workshop (which we don’t have, but you get the idea).  more thinking.  more opportunities.  less planning. less tv and screen time.  less superheroes (is that possible – i think that is only my goal :)) more learning in context and interest led.

Our parenting… more positive. less punitive. more imaginative. less power struggle. more listening. less talking. more respect and honor all round. beginning with us.  more lead by example.  more family worship and family study and family learning.  Family meetings.  more follow through and consistency. more joy.

Its been happening a long time.  But now it feels like it is the both of us adults, not just me blabbing away and Bryan saying, sure, sounds great!

The next question we are dealing with.  Will I get dreads or not?  I have wanted them for a long time.  Bryan thinks its great.  We’ll see.

Halloween 2009

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… I tried.  Bryan did an AWESOME job with the nunchucks!! 🙂  A friend lent us this cheerleader outfit… she took to those pom poms quite naturally!!

oct 09 052 oct 09 054

oct 09 057 oct 09 058

the happy and cold trick or treater

oct 09 060

this one is not so excited about all the squash on ou r window sill.. the orange of the season… so far all food has produced this lovely gag reflex… 🙂

oct 09 062

and just like that, November has arrived…

Bits of family life

Am I really back?  I’m not sure why I blog anyway, to be honest.    I suppose it is a record of sorts.

After 11 days of fevers, Talia was finally better, and Thad came down with ‘it’.  I suppose they were both swine flu.  Thad ended up with a monster ear infection by the 4th day, but his fevers are now done, and it looks like no one else is getting sick.  I am looking forward to no more sickness and improved sleeping habits by the youngest.  I think her tummy has settled from the antibiotics and her yeast levels are back to normal, so I believe we’ll be starting solids this week! I think we’ll start with one of the 15 squash sitting on our kitchen window sill! 🙂  Here are the first lot before Bryan went to the store and brought home another 7! 🙂  I don’t even like squash, to be honest, but I am surely going to be eating it!!

oct 09 018

Talia is rolling all around the floor now, impressing us and herself.  She is smiley and beautiful and an absolute joy.  Now and then she has a real temper.  I heard her in a huge upset and came in worriedly, and Bryan was standing there laughing at her on the floor, screaming mad because he took a book away from her! 🙂  wow.  She may be like me in more ways than one…

oct 09 007

Tonight is the conclusion of our study on the Lord’s Prayer.  The whole service will be ‘the prayer’… I’ll make a post of it tomorrow so you can see kind of how we did it.  It will be followed by a week of the prayer room in Eagle River being open 24/7.  I am praying God continues to change us as we seek Him, and that the vision for a 24/7 prayer room in Anchorage will realized sooner than we can deem possible.

Shand follows the brothers yet again.

This time in the yard…

as she drops her pants and pees in front of all the  neighbor kids.  That beautiful long wavy hair with a bow in it is VERY deceiving!!  at least she didn’t make more laundry for me.

Come to think of it, how DID she manage to not pee ON her underwear?