Monthly Archives: January 2010

New Year. New Word.

I got this idea last year from Ali Edwards. One word.  A word that sums up the focus of this coming year.  Goals and visions or self, family, projects. Last year’s word… I chose…

2009 – Peace

Or let your word choose you, which seems to be what has happened for me this year…

2010 – Joy

Well, I’ve discovered I am no longer an optimist… its buried under self-hatred and fear.  So today begins the year of JOY!  Which will be kicked off with a word study to see what Heavenly Father has to say about JOY in my life.

  • I recently read “The Joyful Intercessor” by Beni Johnson.  Wonderful book.
  • I’ve begun my Endless Gifts List… gratitude being a sure way to experience more of His joy…
  • I will choose to smile more every day, whether I feel too tired or not!!
  • I will laugh and joke and play with my children, as would have been my nature a few years ago.

And maybe I’ll blog about it… 🙂  No promises.