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Noeo Science experiment pictures

for soem pictures of our Noeo Science experiments, follow this link.  Noeo pics

If it doesn’t work, and you want to see them, let me know!!

my child's missionary heart

it seems often lately, my newly 7 yr old is asking about some country, and if they know God? and if not why, etc.

Today’s conversation centered around China… we scrapped our Bible lesson, and talked about the church in China, the underground church (K: how do they get in?) – that the church was a PEOPLE not a building, the precious Scriptures, persecution, governments…

He wants to write a letter to our mayor and tell him to go talk to the Chinese government and tell them about God…

He wanted to know if he told Chinese people about God, if God would protect him… hmmm.  well, lets define protection…

yes you could end up in prison, and if you were in prison, God would protect you, and that could mean dying in prison.  Because nothing can happen to you or us without God knowing EXACT LY what it is and how it fits into His purpose for us…

this related back to a question he asked me in the car the other day… "Why did God take Hewett (his twin) to heaven, and why did God leave me here?" – And it hit me as clear as day… God has an amazing purpose for this boy… He has a plan, a "job", a…. PURPOSE, and that is why he is here, so we had just talked about that a few days ago.

asking these questions about a country other than our own can change our answers!!   Something I was thinking of… YES God always provides… in our culture, that means he will provide for us to pay our mortgage… is that Biblical?  Will I always have enough for vegetables and meat for my family? just because in American we think that is proper provision?  how about the church in China?  how about the natives in Papua New Guinea?  How about the Christians in India? Sudan? the homeless? hmmmmmm

Yeah, I think we have a bit of a skewed idea of God’s provision / protection / promises.  We see them through our culture’s lenses…

when they grow up their kidneys get bigger…

SO… Keenan has taken lately to touching my growing belly (that is fine) and  the growing mammories above (not fine!) ESPECIALLY when he does it in public, in front of friends at the dinner table… you get the idea.

Yesterday, as I was explaining, AGAIN, why he shouldn’t, they’re not his, privates, blah blah blah, he pulls up his shirt and checks out his chest.

I remind him he is a boy, so his will not be growing in the future, just girls… and he replies. With hand motions…

"Yeah, and when the girls get older their kidneys will grow and grow and be like this!" 

Keenan's Birthday

what a frigid day… the plan was to go sledding… what we always do on Keenan’s birthday!! for the last 3 years since he was old enough to do so… b-day 4, 5, 6… this year the termperature was a WHOPPING -4 degrees… so I quickly planned some party games!!  to accomodate THIRTEEN children of various ages!! yeah. that was interesting, but it all turned out good.   The kids had fun. I managed to keep them out of the bedrooms and play areas and confined to the living room without looking like a complete over zealous paranoid mom!! (I think!) which meant little clean up later, and no broken, scattered, lost, eaten-by-the-dog toys or games!!  it was a SUCCESSFUL party…

Keenan’s cake wish… a dragon cake (I suggested something else, since Thaddeus had a dragon for his birthday last year)… SO  it was a castle cake, with a dragon IN it, who had stolen the princess, and the knights and horses and prince were rescueing the princes…   SO this is what we came up with… sheet cake… a crumbling castle (that was on PURPOSE!!! ) and all the bits and pieces to go ON and IN the cake we gave to him on his actually birthday Wednesday so we could use them on the cake!

note the toothpick / marshamllow creation to the right… that kept them entertained for quite a while… 🙂

Wordless Wednesday on Sunday

ok.  I don’t actually do "wordless wednesday" – but if I did… I would put this picture up… isn’t it hilarious?  with the snow outside and everything!!! we really should live in the tropics!!!


Day before Christmas Eve…/ Day

Bryan has this weekend off, SO our Christmas celebrations were Saturday and Sunday… leaving Monday night after work for the in-laws to celebrate with… EXTENDED Christmas… yes the best kind really!  (SO, Rachel, I am FINE with your package arriving a month late!! really!! )

Bryan had the most fabulous idea, which will become a new monthly-at-least tradition, to go to our local Kaladi Bros in the morning.  They just expanded into a good size space, with lots of tables, so we brought along a big bag of games to play with the kids, and bought them a cinnamon roll to share, we had special lattes!!! mmmmmmmmmmmm and a blueberrry scone… and we played games with the kids for two hours…

Sadly enough, I hardly ever do that!!  we will play for a little while but then the phone rings, or I have something to do , or whatever.  SO it was a great time, even with a water spill, a coffee spill, and wet  pants

THEN we went grocery shopping for some things we needed… all of us… which I always enjoy, though we always take FOREVER, since Bryan and I have to discuss new recipes while we shop and everything else!!

Home… the kids were too tired to want lunch, so we napped them, which then of course meant that Daddy needed a nap!!   and me… I mosied around and did… stuff.. prepared for Christmas…. the next day for us, and the Christmas Eve service to be at our house the next evening…

And then Daddy took the boys outside to build a snow cave with the large amounts of snow that have been falling over us!! Here’s a pic of the kids helping Dad shovel the walkway from the driveway down below, to the front door up above…

And here is the snow cave… aka, plastic house covered with  snow… they have so far had a wonderful time playing in it, although it isn’t yet what Daddy has envisioned!!! 🙂

I’ll post Christmas pics later… the kids are watching the Disney parade on TV in their underwear… so I had better get them dressed so we can go have a Christmas visit with Daddy at the hospital.

My 3 yr old thinks I'm going to lay an egg!!!!

So, I"m lying with Thaddeus the other night in bed… he wants me to give him "love smashes" – where you lay on top of them and "smash" them over and over with great love

ANYWAY… I told him I couldn’t do it, cause it would hurt my tummy…no not the baby, the baby is in a special place to protect it,  but it wouldn’t make my tummy feel good.

Thaddeus" yeah cause there’s an egg in your tummy, and the baby is in your egg! and when the baby pops out…" SO… there you go.

I’m going to lay an egg in May!!