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An Independent Toddler

This may be normal… But my 20 month old just finished trying / putting on 3 pairs of pants / skirts… and swept the floor 3 times.  Filled a bag with stuff, threw it over her shoulder and called, “Mom, bye!  Bye mom!!”  Brushed her teeth for the third time this morning (10am) – this time with MY toothbrush, attempted to wash her hands for the second… Put on another CD in the boys room…

That’s what we’ve done  the last hour. 🙂  She amazes me… so smart, so independent, so… advanced ?  Probably not, but wow she seems to be moving right along in the development department.  SO much faster than my preemie boys!!

Here are some pics of her yesterday, helping herself to her very own cranberry sandwich! 🙂  complete with the top piece of bread.  She was a little frustrated when the cranberries kept falling off. LOL