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Good to Better

YES – I am back to the DARK look of the blog… to go with the DARK days of winter…  Thank you Jesus for a house with lots of windows, and being a stay at home mom to see every minute of sunlight there is no matter what angle its coming from!!  The picture is one my brother in law took while they were up here… Portgage Glacier.

This was a day that I looked back on and thought… NOTHING… ACCOMPLISHED!!!  well… almost.

Then I told Bryan what we did today…

  • up… oatmeal… a wee bit of school and piano practice (that took way longer than it should have, which is part of what had me feeling like it was a non-productive day!)
  • Off to cousins to play… the kids all played outside for an hour in the mound of snow in the cul-de-sac on sleds and a snow machine, taking turns pulling Shand around on the baby sled… lunch and play time with the cousins…
  • listened to Story of the World in the car.
  • Got home, and remembered that I PROMISED Thad I’d play a game with him, so I played the Lorax twice, then Keenan joined us for a game of Clue (though I REALLY wanted to do school work before Shand woke up)
  • Shand woke up with diahrea poop all up her back (Keenan wondered if she had been standing on her head) and NOT happy at all… only a short nap and so rudely awakened by her bowels…
  • Sat and cuddled off and on all afternoon to appease her.
  • Folded three loads of laundry WITH the kids.
  • Did one science experiment.
  • Fixed dinner. and ate. and did dishes.
  • Read a bunch of books before bed… for each child.

Looking back?  It was a good day.  I made a lot of BETTER choices, though it didn’t get the GOOD things crossed off my list.

All that really could have been changed was… my attitude at times.  Hmmm.  interesting that.

oh yeah, and Shand’s tummy ache.  I am sure she would have enjoyed that change.


aah.  Buckwheat pancakes and fruit smoothies for breakfast.  Clean up.  Family worship time with ALL the instruments… wow… talk about a joyful noise!! 🙂  Prayer time (we’ve been using the ACTS ‘way’ for now… keeps it moving… everyone gets FOUR turns!!  🙂 – I love Thad’s prayers… totally random, and generally have nothing to do with the type of prayer called for.  I love Keenan’s prayers… trying out all his new words that he has no real understanding of… sincere and verbose… and nonsensical at times. 🙂 )

THEN… put Shand to bed, and we played games!  Cooties, Apples to Apples Jr, and Yahtzee.

family time is good.  GREAT even.  I LOVE Tuesdays.  There  is a lot of time for that on Tuesdays.

Good … to Better…

Good to Better

Redirect. Redirect. Redirect.

Not yelling, smacking, handling rough.

It’s good.

Redirect. Redirect. Redirect.

Sit down and play with busy curious 10 month old who is into everything. Everything.

It’s better.

Good to better… in the dark

So I took Keenan to his audiologist to get new ear molds. He did great. Its so different no that he is old enough to SIT still… both ears at a time!! 🙂

  • He wanted camouflage ear molds.  And I only flinched a tiny little bit! 🙂 After all, he is the one who wears them. So camouflage ear molds it is, with royal blue casings (that would be the part that goes over the ear)… that doesn’t really match.  BUT new molds are hundreds, the casings are thousands, and they aren’t due to be replaced… so unmatched we are.
  • We raced to the elevator.
  • I opted to go along with his his game of darkness in the garage, and turning out the lights as we walked through the pitch black hallway… it was FUN! 🙂 I know… big deal. But its those things I often brush over and way “turn the light back on” – maybe even with an irritated edge to my voice. BUT not this time!!
  • I held Thaddeus for longer than usual in the middle of the night when he was coughing and I was medicating. And scratched his back. Unasked, as he went back to sleep.

Good getting Better.3.

Thad was the MOST thrilled child today as he was off on a play date.

  • I chose to cuddle him and smile him into a good attitude.  It worked! 🙂 It always does, I am not sure why I don’t do it more often!

Keenan enjoyed being the sole attention getter… not counting Shand when she was awake.

  • When I got home from dropping Thaddeus off, I told him I was thinking about him while I was out, and how much I loved him, and I couldn’t wait to get home and tell him.

Shand was ALL smiles and dances today.

  • I spent extra time giving loves and cuddles before naps, and extra time holding her and LOOKING into her eyes as we played and as I moved her from each no-no over and over through out the day.

Bryan got the lingering kiss and promise of more.  ‘Nuff said.

Father God got some time at the piano, meditating on His word and worship in song.  Its been a while since I’ve gotten to do that uninterrupted.  (as in I got 10 minutes… 🙂 )

Good getting better?

I… had a nap.  which at least made things good.  Which was a huge improvement!! 🙂

On a different note.  LENT.  Yes, Ash Wednesday is long gone… (2 weeks ago in fact) and what did I give up for LENT?  I was still thinking until today. (If there was any question, we know now I am not legalistic about this).

Sugar… in the processed, sweets, comfort food form.  Except for the creamer in my coffee.  (once again, not being legalistic about this).  I am not sure if I am doing this for God or for me.  Either way, it will be good.  And I have missed doing my Lent readings.  I only remembered last night.  SO I haven’t been missing them long 🙂  I’m meditating through the Thessalonian letters right now, and I’m finding them quite appropriate.

Life’s good moments getting better

So, I have been reading a few other people’s things… 15 minutes better (Owlhaven) and a couple others. I am so inconsistent, I hate to say I am GOING to do anything on the computer… BUT I will… YES I WILL… be looking for those good moments through out the day, and try making them better with a hug, a smile, and a lying down of my plans to join theirs. “Theirs” being the kiddos. Or Bryan. Just not mine. 🙂

So today.

  • Chocolate Milk for snack. its the little things… ok, its the SUGAR… that makes them smile!
  • Letting Keenan make his own taco.  I know… I’m a controller.
  • Letting Bryan sleep till after 5pm, (he works nights!) and having his home dinner AND his work dinner ready so he didn’t have to do even a little bit of it.
  • Letting Keenan put his own bubbles in and not gasping at the amount… once again… controlling mama.
  • Laughing with them as they show me “Bubble King” and “Bubble Monster”
  • Putting Shand in the tub with them and taking lots of pictures… now we have “Bubble Queens”!

My photo thingy on the computer that makes images smaller than double the size of your screen is… not on my computer any more??!  Hence, so few pics lately.  Otherwise I’d show a few to you.

Looking at my list.. its kind of chintzy.   Maybe tomorrow there’ll be more moments to make better.