Our children and the Spirit

My friend and cousin-in-law Cate posted this on her blog… so incredible true…

A Daniel Generation

We are reading the book “Here Comes Heaven”  with our children.  (Thanks javamamma and Cate for the recommend.)  We are only a couple chapters in, as we are reading it as part of our family meeting while Talia is sleeping and distractions are at a minimum.  All of us are doing the exercises at the end of each chapter.

We got a little dose of the spiritual eyes of children a few weeks back when Shand, our almost-3 yr old became suddenly  terrified of her room.  We prayed and she still wanted nothing to do with her room.  It wasn’t the dark.  it wasn’t just bed time.  So we moved her bed into the boys room until we could figure out how to move past this.

It hadn’t occurred to me to tell her to look for her angels.  It says in Scripture that our children have angels with them that see the face of God.  So we went into the room with her the next night, and prayed again and told her about the angels with her all the time, and Jesus would never leave her, and we asked her if she could see the angels.  And she could! 🙂  Soon after that she was fine.

Later that day, out in the kitchen she suddenly turns to me and says,”Mama, where’s my angel friends?” 🙂

Its been an education for us and beautiful to see our girl experience God and his protection.

Anyway, all that to say… I want our children to know of God and KNOW HIM experientially.  It must be more real than the Babylon we live in.

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2 responses to “Our children and the Spirit

  • Cate Morris

    I love it Renee! I am also trying to teach my children that Jesus is everywhere with them at all times and when they are tempted or afraid to start looking for Him. I love the way God reveals Himself to children. “Unless we become like little children, we won’t see the kingdom of God.”

  • javamamma

    Awesome!!!! Love that the smallest of children see into the heavenly realm. I think it’s time for us to go through the book again. :o)

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