lessons from kids camp

if i just let the boys wear the same clothes all week, and skipped showers, it would not only save on the water / electricity / gas bill, but my time in doing laundry and cleaning the showers.

he actually looked very healthy and handsome in his stinky grime!

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3 responses to “lessons from kids camp

  • G-mama

    As the mother of 3 boys, now grown, I know about grime and stinkiness! They lived through it and I did too. When our youngest went to camp, it rained for most of the week. The campers made a mudslide of one hillside and jeans were promptly thrown into a black plastic garbage bag to be brought home. I don’t remember salvaging even one pair of mildewed and mud slicked pants not to mention shirts and underwear!

  • javamamma

    So funny! So you both survived camp? Good for you!

  • PW

    Oh camp memories!!!!!!!! I remember going there as a child, and you just learned to live in grime, or dampness, or whatever. It was just for a week anyways. lol

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