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Reevaluating the New Year

So.  I had no ‘new years’ post.  I don’t think I post most of the normal times every one else does… but I BWO (blog without obligation) and I wasn’t ready to share.

Not that I’m now ready in the sense I have it all figured out.  But I am ready to share some of my thought process.  I have realized I am in a very scattered time of life.  And am accepting of that, but at the same time still seeking to find those quiet moments of oasis and reflection and prayer amidst it all.  Getting up early only works so well when you don’t always get a good night sleep and the majority of the time, the kids suddenly start waking up earlier, pushing your “wake up early” to a “wake up when its still night” time.  IF you really want that moment of quiet.

Back to the reevaluating.  Having read many of what others are saying, I have been inspired in a few things:

  1. One change at a time, and CONTINUE evaluating… it shouldn’t be a JAN 1 thing only.
  2. Ask God for a word for the year.  I think 🙂 mine is ‘peace’ and until further notice from the One who matters, I am going with it.  So I am looking up Scriptures, and meditating on all that means, could mean, should mean, etc. to me.  To our family.
  3. I am taking this to our family.  As a family… (these are fun things to do with a 5 and 9 year old, distracted by the 20 month old)… we are listening.  Practicing listening prayer.   2 or 3 times a week.  Its not fantastic.  Sometimes it seems like a waste of time.  Sometimes its frustrating.  Now and then, it seems maybe we were actually listening.  And sometimes God speaks.  And its all worth it.
  4. And my own wisdom for me 🙂 Have low expectations about everything except for God and His Grace.  And that includes the expectations of what I think that will look like!!

So this new year has begun, amidst games and projects and a crazy birthday party, with more quiet times, more cuddles and loving, and more early mornings.  This is all I am looking for this month.

Maybe I’ll reevaluate monthly.

rite of passage

Keenan, our nine year old, is watching Star Wars with his dad tonight.  He is BEYOND excited!! Thad is crushed, though Bryan and him will have a Daddy date tomorrow, so he is excited about that.  And he couldn’t sleep (who could blame him… the CD just wasn’t cutting it) so he is out here watching Sponge Bob on the laptop! 🙂

It is way too late for them to be watching TV.  But we had to wait for Bryan to get home from work (usually 8pm) and then his Dad was over to look at our leaking boiler pipes to see if it was emergency worthy or could wait till tomorrow.  sigh.  Seeing as it is currently -10, I’m hoping the boiler doesn’t shut itself off like it did earlier in the day.  I hadn’t realized the temp had dropped so low in the house, since I was overdressed, slippered, and running around after children!

Exciting times.

TEMPTATION? finished…

yeah.  It’s good… as in… I ATE the temptation.   I REALLY had too much… I had to eat enough graham crackers to go under the good half cup of cream cheese frosting.  But hey… its gone now, because I FINISHED them!

Now I just need to deal with the leftover choc fondue, and peanut butter fondue, and choc butter cream frosting…

THEN we’ll work on the nutter butters and licorice… (and all this from a birthday cake…)

Finally… the chocolate and candy we brought back or was sent from Australia.  Is it ANY wonder I am so addicted to sugar?  This poor child in my belly has NO CHANCE against the sugar addiction… its started already, I am sure.

Keenan’s Birthday

Wow… my big boy is NINE!  It is crazy.  We did a Scooby Doo themed party.  When we say theme, we mean it in the SIMPLEST of ways! 🙂  My mom had send some Scooby Doo party stuff, so we added a few extras, made a cake and Keenan planned the decorations… a few gravestones cut out of cardboard, green slime (?) (aka construction paper) strategically placed and bats (again, construction paper) hanging around, and one lone ghost hogging the corner.   He had so much fun planning this it was ALMOST irritating.

FIRST… my nine year old…


Can you believe this miracle?  25 week preemie… born at 1lb 12.5oz (820 grams), 12 inches long,  first 14 weeks of his life in the NICU… isn’t he just handsome?

We started the day… well, not STARTED… but had the family over for breakfast… cinnamon rolls and berries were Keenan’s choice.  Yeah for Costco stocking fresh berries from who-knows-where… the grandparents and aunt/uncle enjoyed missing the chaotic kidfest to come later.  But we still blew out candles on the cinnamon rolls.


Here’s one shot of the 30 minutes of sword fighting, shooting and wrestling that took place.  Please,  Lord, let the tenants stay and not leave…


The cake.  Graham Cracker haunted house covered in left over fondue from New Years.  By the way,  chocolate fondue on Graham Crackers?  VERY good!! Licorice trees, frosting covered cookie gravestones… nothing spectacularly innovative 🙂  but much fun, nonetheless.


The table of boys…


And Shand watching demurely from the side… if you can be demure with a blankie and pacifier…


ok, mostly I wanted you to see her outfit and cute shoes… 🙂  you can’t see them really well… but believe me… VERY cute!

After the cake and ice cream, the boys took turns giving Keenan presents… a they all crowded around to look at whatever he had opened, he’d sort of escape underneath the mass of them to a new location to open the next one.  It was very funny to watch.  He opened each present in a different chair / spot on the floor…

THEN…the Scooby Doo movie… ah… sweet relief… the quiet. 🙂  I’ve never had the kids watch a movie at a party before.  Seems kind of dumb to me.  But it was smart.  VERY smart, believe me!!  After all, you can’t send them all outside indefinitely when its minus 20 outside.

We ordered pizza instead of the requested spaghetti… I wasn’t up for cooking/cleaning up again… and opened the long-distance gifts over dinner… thanks for the phone call Nana and Puppa!

It was a good day.  Tiring but good.

Simple Woman’s Daybook… the cold version

Outside My Window ...
1:30 pm… frigid blue sky I’ll enjoy till it disappears into pink an hour and a half from now.  Snow and hoar frost still cling to every thing.  -15 degrees.
I am listening to…
the kids argue… “please play”,   “not”,   “please play with me”,   “no, I don’t want to play that game”,    “please!!”,   “not”,   “I’m not playing with you!”
Obviously. 🙂
UPDATE:  “If you let me teach you how to sword fight, then I’ll play with you.  Sword fighting first, THEN playing.”
I am thinking of ...
all I SHOULD be doing, instead of this… pick up, start dinner, bake the cake for tomorrow before running the kids to piano lessons… am I really wanting to start school on Monday?
I am thankful for
The week between Christmas and New Years.  Fun games and projects.  Lots of books and reading.  And too many sweets.  Its been a great GREAT week.
From the kitchen
PBJ’s & mandarins.  Wait there MUST be something more interesting than THAT!  AH, yes, left over peanut butter fondue, chocolate fondue,  and other such yummies from New Years Eve.  just so you know, banana bread and chocolate fondue is REALLY good.  Halibut thawing, squash and broccoli to go with it.  I don’t like cooking fish.


I am creating…
Not much at all.  OH that isn’t true!!  I am in the midst of creating KLING-ONs with the kids!! 🙂  It doesn’t QUITE do it for me in the creative arena though…
HER YA GO!  A Scooby Doo birthday cake… actually the cake will be the graveyard and haunted house.  Scooby Doo figurines will accompany it.
I am wearing
New-to-me maternity clothes purchased off Craigs List.  Red turtle neck… warmth…
I am going…
to piano lessons.  I love, LOVE having some one else teach the boys piano.  Its a man, they love it, I LOVE it… and yes I have a degree in piano and it makes no sense.  But life doesn’t always make sense.
Bringing beauty to my home
I don’t know if this is BEAUTY… but a new stove top is on its way… soon to be followed by the countertops and floor, and a new bathroom in our MBR>  Oh the bliss… to be able to actually USE our second bathroom, and cook on more than one burner!!
I am reading  …
Irresistable Revolution by Shane Claiborne
Life -challenging read.
I am hoping
it will warm up soon so we can go outside and enjoy the snow.
Around the house
The laundry is nearly all caught up! The kitchen looks worse than it is.  Our bedroom has never looked so good… which isn’t saying a lot! And I suppose it IS time to take the Christmas decor down.  Maybe Saturday… no, party… Sunday… nah, not a Sunday sort of job.  Maybe Monday… no, we  are starting school Monday… we’ll see 🙂
One of my favorite things
today? coffee and banana bread with chunks of cold chocolote fondue dropped onto it.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Keenan’s birthday breakfast with the in-laws, birthday party with a slew of 9ish year old boys in our house… we might get that Scooby Doo movie after all.  It’s too cold to send them outside to play for longer than 20 minutes.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing~

Big brothers and their patience… I’m sure Shand will learn that there are certain times NOT to ask your brother to read a book!!  Poor boy was stuck there until I could come get her.  He didn’t want to get up in case she fell in.  Isn’t he sweet?

Happy New Year… more thoughts on that later.  Maybe.