The Unbalanced, Chaotic and Tired Woman’s Daybook

Here’s today’s version

Outside My Window ...
SNOWING… we should be out in it.  That’s for later.  Right now, we’ll enjoying it falling from inside, and enjoy the cozy feeling it gives!
I am listening to…
The kids play Go Fish.  How did I manage to get Keenan to take over my hand? 🙂 And a tape of a concert Bryan and I went to whiel we were in college of Lemonade Stand.  The probably never ‘made it’, and I doubt are together anymore.  But they were awesome.  The kids danced non-stop for three songs.  (Ska… LOVER OF SKA… that’s me!)
I am thinking of ...
All the bathroom / kitchen decisions made yesterday during the Hardware Store 5 hour marathon with children… hoping we made good choices!  Prepping for dinner, prepping for leading worship at Prayer Mountain tonight, what to pick up for a 1st b-day party this afternoon, whether to continue doing school work or skip due to all the prep work I need to do!
I am thankful for
Jesus, and his gentle, if painful at times, purifying process.  I am thankful for pajamas.  And microwaves to warm up coffee!
From the kitchen
Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches about to be made, dishes pretty much finished. chicken thawing on the counter in hopes of me doing something creative with it.  (don’t count on it, chicken!)
I am creating…
space in our day for play.  time to read and time for baths. more fat and cellulite.
Hey, I’m creating a BABY! you can’t much more creative than that! (Oh, that’s really God creating… and He is doing a wonderful job, as usual)
I am wearing
pajamas.  still. Sorry Fly Lady, I am NOT your girl!
I am going…
to a 1st b-day party. Then on a walk in the snow… got to get that outside time!! 🙂 Then home for dinner.  Then to pick up babysitter and off to Prayer Mountain.
Bringing beauty to my home
We picked out some fabulous inexpensive lovelies yesterday for the bathroom… Wait till you see the before / after pics.
I am reading  …
I was reading Irresistable Revolution by Shane Claiborne , but hubby stole it from me, so I’ll have to wait to finish it.  Now I’m reading “Last Child in the Woods” by Richard Louv.  good thought provoking stuff.  Hence my “outside-very-day” goal…
I am hoping
to continue my relaxed attitude towards school, and that it won’ t result in unlearned children… just a more relaxed home
Around the house
The laundry is put away after almost a week.  Guess its time to start washing again.    Our bedroom has all the master bathroom stuff in it, and there is a thin layer of dust everywhere from all the gutting…
One of my favorite things
fresh snow covering dirty snow.
A Few Plans For The Weekend:
Soccer.  Pick out music to play for a friend’s wedding.  Choose set for Sunday’s worship gathering.  clean enough of the house and then find time to read and relax in that portion of it.

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