Outside Journal

I’m reading the book “Last Child in the Woods” – I”m VERY slowly reading it!!

And I read a few nature type blogs, and Charlotte Mason type blogs, and others that throw it in there now and then.  The underlying theme being… GO OUTSIDE!!  Which I’m all about.  Except I’m so tired of the cold.  The summer was… COLD and rainy.  Which makes this winter already seem unending.  BUT my kids (and I…) still need fresh air and time exploring and playing outside these walls.

SO… I’m going to try to keep track of our outside times here… Baby steps.  LITERALLY – I can’t do much in the truly active department, being pregnant and carting a 20 month old.  (I know some of you could :), but because of past complications, I lay pretty low when pregnant, especially once we get to this point!)

SO without further ado… outside time for

MONDAY: The boys carted buckets of broken tile and garbage and wood from the now almost-gutted bathroom.  (I told you baby steps!!)

TUESDAY: In the yard… with some resistance… and Shand caught me shooing them out, so she had to go too… which of course meant I had to go as well…  We picked up broken branches from around the yard and the wind storm last week (or the week before – no hurry!)

And the boys sled down the stairs…. no.  They aren’t covered with snow.  IT was a bumpy ride with a big bump at the bottom when they ran into the railing. 🙂  Producing much laughter and giggles.  And when they tired of that they slid down our little hill, which normally is lame, but with crusty icy snow was quite the slick ride.  Thankfully its short, otherwise the speed they would have gathered before crashing into fences and trees, and possibly flying over the edge of the retaining wall onto the cars may have been problematic.  All in all, a success.

WEDNESDAY: The plan is to be out in Wasilla with the cousins… He’s just 3, so I expect the boys to cart him and Shand around on the sled outside for a while.  We’ll see how they go.  I don’t even know if they have enough snow on the ground.

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