Outside Journal update

Today… there was no snow on the ground in Wasilla… plenty in the air though!  I really REALLY wanted them to be able to outside, and for us to go for a walk in the snow.  I love walking while it is snowing.  But Shand had to nap.  And after her nap, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays is when I teach piano… so… no outside time.  Just driving in the snow. sadness.

Tomorrow looks just as bleak for outside opportunities.  Bible Study, art class, and drag the kids with me (including the baby DURING NAP TIME) to Lowes and other Building Supply places to pick out counter tops, vinyl, tile, and something else I can’t remember.  THANK YOU for a friend who is handling most of this decision making, and I just have to be there to nod (and feed treats to Shand to keep her happy).  Then home… to breathe hopefully before piano lessons, and home to do dinner and drag kids to rehearsal befor Bryan can pick them up.

If you know ahead of time it will be “that kind of day” – it often isn’t so bad.  That’s what I’m rooting for.

Although, I’m wondering now, WHY I am blogging when I should be planning the service for Sunday and picking out stuff for rehearsal tomorrow night… hmm… best get on that!

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A place to record my journey of creating a life of balance. First as God's child and bride, "wifing", mothering, homeschooling, leading worship, neighboring, mentoring, teaching piano, and the myriad of other things that clamor for my time and energy. And a place to put pictures to show my family whom I miss incredibly, and who live so very far away from us here in Alaska!! View all posts by reneegrace

4 responses to “Outside Journal update

  • javamamma

    Praying your day goes well!

  • Tim Kelley

    i love being able to read about daily stuff in your journal. makes me feel connected.
    my thoughts are with you all.


  • Emily

    It’s weird how much better I feel after a walk outside. So, what did you think about Mrs. Palin?

  • reneegrace

    it wasn’t so bad after all… TIM – good to hear from you… when are you coming home to visit? 🙂 or live, for that matter? 🙂

    Palin… I really like her. though I think it was probably a little soon for her to be VP. But I think she WOULD have done a good job. Its funny how the media is though… how refreshing, a girl next door, your neighbor… but when evidence of girl-next-door, neighbor-type actions and speech ensued they were all over her critically. They were really out to get her. Which is typical, I suppose, but I didn’t like it, still. She is a good governor, and a neat woman.

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