Keenan’s Birthday

Wow… my big boy is NINE!  It is crazy.  We did a Scooby Doo themed party.  When we say theme, we mean it in the SIMPLEST of ways! 🙂  My mom had send some Scooby Doo party stuff, so we added a few extras, made a cake and Keenan planned the decorations… a few gravestones cut out of cardboard, green slime (?) (aka construction paper) strategically placed and bats (again, construction paper) hanging around, and one lone ghost hogging the corner.   He had so much fun planning this it was ALMOST irritating.

FIRST… my nine year old…


Can you believe this miracle?  25 week preemie… born at 1lb 12.5oz (820 grams), 12 inches long,  first 14 weeks of his life in the NICU… isn’t he just handsome?

We started the day… well, not STARTED… but had the family over for breakfast… cinnamon rolls and berries were Keenan’s choice.  Yeah for Costco stocking fresh berries from who-knows-where… the grandparents and aunt/uncle enjoyed missing the chaotic kidfest to come later.  But we still blew out candles on the cinnamon rolls.


Here’s one shot of the 30 minutes of sword fighting, shooting and wrestling that took place.  Please,  Lord, let the tenants stay and not leave…


The cake.  Graham Cracker haunted house covered in left over fondue from New Years.  By the way,  chocolate fondue on Graham Crackers?  VERY good!! Licorice trees, frosting covered cookie gravestones… nothing spectacularly innovative 🙂  but much fun, nonetheless.


The table of boys…


And Shand watching demurely from the side… if you can be demure with a blankie and pacifier…


ok, mostly I wanted you to see her outfit and cute shoes… 🙂  you can’t see them really well… but believe me… VERY cute!

After the cake and ice cream, the boys took turns giving Keenan presents… a they all crowded around to look at whatever he had opened, he’d sort of escape underneath the mass of them to a new location to open the next one.  It was very funny to watch.  He opened each present in a different chair / spot on the floor…

THEN…the Scooby Doo movie… ah… sweet relief… the quiet. 🙂  I’ve never had the kids watch a movie at a party before.  Seems kind of dumb to me.  But it was smart.  VERY smart, believe me!!  After all, you can’t send them all outside indefinitely when its minus 20 outside.

We ordered pizza instead of the requested spaghetti… I wasn’t up for cooking/cleaning up again… and opened the long-distance gifts over dinner… thanks for the phone call Nana and Puppa!

It was a good day.  Tiring but good.

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