Unplugged Theme: Fluffy OR Weather



This project would have worked great for both last week (weather) and this week!

We got LOTS and LOTs of snow… so there was LOTS of shoveling together, and walks pulling the sleds… it was a little too soft for great sledding and skiing.  We’ll wait until it packs down a little more.  BUT it is PERFECT for snow icecream.

Sorry there is no pictures… but here is the recipe (the one we use… there are plenty of variations:

I use the pasteurized egg beater stuff for raw recipes like this and eggnog, so it always means a special trip to the store!

2 eggs

1/2 – 3/4 cup sugar

1 cup milk or cream

2 tsp vanilla

pinch of salt

FRESH SNOW until its a good consistency.  (I usually put a bucket / bowls out to collect it as it is falling, so I KNOW there’s nothing nasty I can’t see when I scoop it up)  We saved a big bowl of it outside for a couple days so we could make it AGAIN for our home church.  You can keep it in the freezer as well.  But its a little more icy when it comes out.  STILL, it’s very VERY yummy!!

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9 responses to “Unplugged Theme: Fluffy OR Weather

  • Lisa

    I used to love making snow ice cream when I was a kid! We live in Florida now, so my youngest has never tried it. Maybe we’ll get enough snow to try your recipe when we go to my mom’s house in Illinois for Christmas.

  • myderbe

    Renee, this comment has nothing to do with this post. 🙂 Did I know you are pregnant? I read your post on my blog and commented back and then thought, “Wait a second! Did I know that?” I think I’ve been out of the loop. So — congratulations! That’s great news. 🙂

  • Lydia

    This looks good, Renee–I’ll have to try it. My kids are always wanting to make snow cones, but I’m never sure about the snow–the bowl sounds like a good idea. It’s been warming up around here–we’ve actually been having some rain–and LOTS of ice.

  • Becca

    Instead of that gross liquid stuff, try the eggs that have been pasteurized in the shell.

  • Emily

    We don’t have snow. But I’m happy. 🙂

  • EEEEMommy

    I love snow ice cream! I bet it’s even better with fresh Alaska snow. (compared to inner-city Indianapolis snow…but what’s a little polution?)

  • momunplugged

    I have never made snow ice cream. I think we may have to try your recipe. Thanks for joining sharing it!

  • Yelli

    Looks like fun! However, I am not sure where I live in the ever gets deep enough but thanks for the planting the idea and the recipe.

  • alaska1

    I lost track of your blog for a few months, and assume you are still in Alaska. The Anchorage bowl area got hammered with snow. That idea sounds yummy!

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