Good to Better

YES – I am back to the DARK look of the blog… to go with the DARK days of winter…  Thank you Jesus for a house with lots of windows, and being a stay at home mom to see every minute of sunlight there is no matter what angle its coming from!!  The picture is one my brother in law took while they were up here… Portgage Glacier.

This was a day that I looked back on and thought… NOTHING… ACCOMPLISHED!!!  well… almost.

Then I told Bryan what we did today…

  • up… oatmeal… a wee bit of school and piano practice (that took way longer than it should have, which is part of what had me feeling like it was a non-productive day!)
  • Off to cousins to play… the kids all played outside for an hour in the mound of snow in the cul-de-sac on sleds and a snow machine, taking turns pulling Shand around on the baby sled… lunch and play time with the cousins…
  • listened to Story of the World in the car.
  • Got home, and remembered that I PROMISED Thad I’d play a game with him, so I played the Lorax twice, then Keenan joined us for a game of Clue (though I REALLY wanted to do school work before Shand woke up)
  • Shand woke up with diahrea poop all up her back (Keenan wondered if she had been standing on her head) and NOT happy at all… only a short nap and so rudely awakened by her bowels…
  • Sat and cuddled off and on all afternoon to appease her.
  • Folded three loads of laundry WITH the kids.
  • Did one science experiment.
  • Fixed dinner. and ate. and did dishes.
  • Read a bunch of books before bed… for each child.

Looking back?  It was a good day.  I made a lot of BETTER choices, though it didn’t get the GOOD things crossed off my list.

All that really could have been changed was… my attitude at times.  Hmmm.  interesting that.

oh yeah, and Shand’s tummy ache.  I am sure she would have enjoyed that change.

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A place to record my journey of creating a life of balance. First as God's child and bride, "wifing", mothering, homeschooling, leading worship, neighboring, mentoring, teaching piano, and the myriad of other things that clamor for my time and energy. And a place to put pictures to show my family whom I miss incredibly, and who live so very far away from us here in Alaska!! View all posts by reneegrace

3 responses to “Good to Better

  • javamamma

    How’s YOUR tummy doing? I read an interesting statement on your hubby’s facebook. 🙂

    Are you doing any Advent calender or activities with your kids this year?

  • Lydia

    Funny about the dark–I definitely have my sunlamp going! (and am counting down to our Hawaii trip-whoohoo)

    Sounds like a pretty typical day with little ones–especially sick little ones. You really got a lot of playtime and storytime with your kids–that makes for a great day.

    I guess I need to go check out facebook–I know Molly’s over there, too.

  • EEEEMommy

    You had a mommy day. The productivity of those can not be calculated! Atta girl for choosing better over good!

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