God is so GOOD

This evening I prayed with my dear friend Keren before home church started… We just had abotu 20 minutes, and I wasn’t sure if God could really reveal much and how deep we could go in 20 minutes 🙂 And He DID!!

I’ll back up.  I read a book called “Theophostic Prayer”.  written by a southern Baptist, I believe, it is all about mind renewal… allowing God to take us back to those places where we have embraced a lie, and then EXPERIENCING his truth.  (as opposed to logically KNOWING the truth, and telling yourself the truth over and over, and it still doesn’t seem to stick)  That is a very loos recap of what stuck out to me the most.

I gave the book to my friend, she asked me to pray with her.  I really was not feeling up to it.  At all!!  I had a bad… BAD day.  Yelling at children, tired and grumpy and wanting to just go to bed and cry but needing to be ‘together’ enough to cook dinner and dessert and host home church… And God used me to sit with her while HE spoke to her and revealed himself in one of her sore spots… the healing has begun… PRAISE JESUS!!!

This is not the only book that explains this… there was one out by the Navigators as well, on healing prayer, and there are others.  Its not new… its in the Scripture!!  Be transformed by lots of hard work and telling yourself truth over and over… the renewing of your mind…

blah blah… time for bed… not being coherent here… but check out this book, or something like it… truly God can and will heal us from the lies we struggle against in our mind.

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2 responses to “God is so GOOD

  • javamamma

    So I switched google reader and there was a breakdown. But I found ya again!
    Love the Halloween costumes – so creative!
    Hope you had a nice weekend! The holidays are here!

  • EEEEMommy

    What a beautiful example of God manifesting His strength in your weakness…I’ll have to check out those books. So much of the battle we fight is in our mind. We must renew it!

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