Great Wall, Trojan Horse and the Parthenon

Yup.  We are in the Ancient Times in our studies.  We haven’t progressed TOO far though, as we have really gotten into Greece.  Keenan and I are really enjoying all the Greek Myths and Thad is putting up with them, as long as we have some good picture books to go along with them.  Which there are some GREAT ones out there, by the way.

SO here are some pics of what we have been doing the last few weeks.





WE made one portion of the Great Wall of China.  Bryan is so sweet… as you can see here, it is THE most perfectly square kid’s project there EVER was… I had to include the pic of Shand helping… because, you know, that is what 18mth olds do best!!  And its lovely when you look back at pics and realize your kids hair wasn’t brushed, and needs to be cut, and they don’t match and they have food on their face from lunch.  Lovely.  Real life, you know?

On to Greece… we made a shoebox version of a Trjoan Horse, head drawn by Keenan while he waited for Bryan to find the perfect horse head pattern 🙂  Same with the tail!  Thaddeus working with a toy in his hand… always… Trojan Horse meets transformers…. They didn’t want to paint it… they liked the brown that it was (they apparently didn’t notice the STICKER on the top… but, OK!  no paint.  I can deal with that!!)  I was so proud of Bryan.  He didn’t even measure, God bless him!  It was just about killing him.



greece-011 I may seem a little odd that our trapdoor is on the top… but how else will the knights and soldiers get in and out, you know?  (we are fresh out of Trojan and Greek fighters…)

And finally… the Gingergread Parthenon.  You know, these projects are NOT educational.  At all!!  BUT I bet they will always remember the name of the Parthenon, as it has been said 5o million times over the last few days… “Can I have a piece of Parthenon?”



greece-037 Aren’t they just cute… I could not convince Thad to take off the police stuff.  “But mom, I”m a police!!”  ok! 🙂  GOTTA love the dirty dishes in the background and the mess and clutter… its impossible, really…

SO there we are.  our ‘stuff’ we’ve been working on.  We’ll start on Rome next week and finish that up before Christmas and take a break from History before exploring Medieval stuff in January.  Hmmm… I wonder if the boys will like that.

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