random stuff

I know… more Australia pics… I will… WILL have this trip journaled, even if its next year before I’m done!!

Random stuff…

  • I love frozen blueberries… especially when I”m pregnant.  As well as Frozen lemonade.  And Ginger Ale or ginger beer.  the good stuff.  which is harder to find in the States.  It makes me very happy.
  • Coffee with frufru (its a word- don’t look at me with a confused look!) makes me sick when I am pregnant.  That makes me sad.
  • Shand turned on the tv (she likes doing this and then walking away, leaving my older boys fixated on the box) mom “turn the tv off” – Keenan “But mom, this is a really good show” – mom “what’s it about?” – “Its about a woman who doesn’t have any birth control.  That’s to help her not have children” – mom “excellent.  turn it off anyway” ?????????
  • Sometimes (yesterday – and other days this week… wait, its only the 4th day…) I wonder WHY on earth I am home schooling.  But at this point, it wouldn’t fix anything to put them in school either.  I’d just have someone else to blame, even if not rightfully so.
  • Keenan wants are day to be a real school schedule… LOL – OK!!!  🙂  I’ll let you know how he likes that.
  • I want a bath with a good book that does nothing but takes me away from the cleaning, schooling and mothering for an hour.
  • I miss sunshine and the warmth it brings when you are closer to the equator.  I cannot, CANNOT convince myself to get outdoors when its cold and the memory of warmth and slipping on sandals is so fresh still.  Can’t.  WWWAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  • Thaddeus did school yesterday with a magnifying glass ‘guiding’ him in a florescent green bug costume that he talked to all afternoon.

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A place to record my journey of creating a life of balance. First as God's child and bride, "wifing", mothering, homeschooling, leading worship, neighboring, mentoring, teaching piano, and the myriad of other things that clamor for my time and energy. And a place to put pictures to show my family whom I miss incredibly, and who live so very far away from us here in Alaska!! View all posts by reneegrace

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