A little bit of Mukinbudin from Rachel’s house

Our trip up… we stopped at Brumbie’s Bakery to grab some yummies to eat on the 3 1/2 hour trip.  REALLY someone needs to open a bakery like that here!!  They are everywhere in Australia.  The scenery was beautiful.  Hope you don’t mind some scenery shots.  The fields of flowers were gorgeous!

Feel free to note the badly out-of-focus-but-beautiful wildflowers heading my blog at the moment.

We went out exploring in the bush and on big rocks… complete with a little snack of Cheezels… a childhood favorite I had to let my children experience!!

Rach and I couldn’t let THEM have all the fun!

It is fun to see the cousins together, don’t you think?  I love family!!!

And a choice piece of real estate… we could be comfortable here!! I mean, check out the view!!

Are you sick of it yet… cause i’m not done!!  next stop… the farm! 🙂


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6 responses to “A little bit of Mukinbudin from Rachel’s house

  • Emily

    I’m not sick of the pictures. It’s fun seeing another country/continent. (not sure what to say there…enlighten me.)

    and yes, cousins rule.

  • reneegrace

    they call it a country. It is a continent, but I don’t think people refer to it as that.

  • Tulsi

    I wanted to meet someone from Alaska, so stopped by. I actually have a friend here. I forgot the town. But I’m just stopping by from BATW.

  • sandy

    I love Cheezels – fun memories!

  • Tulsi

    Catina is living in Alaska. I can’t for the life of me remember the name. They moved from near Juno (SP!!!) to somewhere else. Ryan is in Law Enforcement. My mom’s husband’s daughter’s spent a couple of years in Australia for school for some reason. I could say step sister’s but since my mom and Andre’ married when my oldest daughter was at least a year old and I’ve only met one of his daughter’s , they are just his kids. I could be a step aunt, but I don’t feel like one, although it is from the daughter that I did meet. Sorry, I can’t make a short story short.

  • Jill

    Oh, so nice that you got to visit Rachel and her family! Great pictures!

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