good friends and a simple woman’s daybook

You know you have a good friend when she moves out of state, and as she empties the remains of her fridge and pantry into yours you can consolidate because you buy the same stuff! :)…

wheat germ, marinated artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, couscous, brown spicy mustard, frozen blueberries from last summer…

A Simple Woman’s Daybook… bits of my week…

Outside My Window… sunshine… I can’ t see it because my back is soaking in it as I lay on the couch. šŸ™‚ Some of the leaves are turning color. It felt like a warm Fall day today. We went on an 1 1/2 hour walk around a lake and through the woods. Saw quite a few piles of bear scat, a big beaver damn, and lots of freshly chewed off trees.
I am thinking… of the satisfaction that comes from opening your home to friends as they pack and move, and embracing the chaos it brings. Its a wonderful way to soak in every minute of their presence and make some more memories before they move across the country.
I am thankful for… my friends… Jeff and Anne. Anne of G-16 – except they moved to G-24, but it didn’t have the same ring so we still called her Anne of G-16. From whom our parenting philosophy was influenced. As was our kitchen. And the thought of homeschooling. And that philosophy too. And home making. As I drove away last night with tears, I was realizing just what a wonderful influence this quiet family was.
A little story… this little quiet spoken family from the midwest, living in AK, we had them over for dinner… my boy lifted his butt cheek and farted huge long and loud at the table. I was horrified! We probably horrified them… or at least surprised them!! – more than once… but they have been gracious with our rough and uncouth edges! (thanks Anne – just in case you are reading this!)
From the kitchen… just a few crumbs left of our meals the last few days… ok, of our desserts… ANZACS, maltines, shortcake to go with the 9 yr old canned peaches from Ohio, the fizzy stewed plums, and frozen strawberries šŸ™‚
I am wearing… blue shirt, socks, my grey sweats… ok, I’ll tell you… I’ve worn them non-stop since Wed night. Its Friday afternoon. They are comfortable. AND I haven’t spilled anything on them!
I am creating… a song. music for singing Psalm 1
I am going… to a good-bye party for another dear friend who is leaving and will be gone by the time we get back from Australia (that is the second of three!)
I am reading… Numbers, Heartfelt Discipline… OK! this hasn’t changed much, but I did finish The Shack. I don’t do book reviews. But for those who want to know what I thought. Which camp do I sit in? Its a BOOK… a story for crying out loud. It was wonderful. I loved some of the images I was left with in my head. There were a couple things I probably don’t completely agree with in the author’s theology FROM WHAT I CAN TELL from the book. But, so what? It’s far from heresy. And there’s a couple sentences of what I think.
I am hoping… to be able to complete sorting my pictures into picture boxes before we leave. Its the one project I REALLY REALLY want to get done. And I am hoping for full participation in the Global Bridegroom Fast next Mon- Wed. For more hearts in our church to intercede together.
I am hearing… the dog licking himself. I guess I could have left that out. Sorry!
Around the house… Bryan has gotten SO much. The garden is halfway to being winterized. It hasn’t rained today, so we’ll probably mow. I should do it for him… BUT – maybe later. The suitcases have been brought up from the basement… the packing starts.
One of my favorite things… sitting inside with the sun burning the back of my head… ah…
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: pack. clean. sort. pack. clean. pack. (I know – we’ll only be gone for 5 weeks… STILL)
Here is a picture thought I am sharing… Shand all growed up in piggy tails!

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4 responses to “good friends and a simple woman’s daybook

  • Lydia

    The Global Bridegroom Fast sounds interesting–have you been doing it long? I had never heard of it before, so am printing out the info right now.

  • reneegrace

    September will be our 3rd month participating. I don’t know if we are doing it ‘right’ – whatever ‘right’ is. But its been good to pray and fast together purposefully.

  • anne

    Oh, Renee, I miss you already! Thanks for your wonderful friendship and all your help getting us back to the midwest. You and your family have brought so many wonderful things into our lives–our hearts are forever changed by you. It’s good to laugh at our kids together! love, anne

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