Ancient India and Africa

Just a taste of these countries. We split up Week 3 of the Hideaways.

Lots of reading in these two, and the teacher’s guide recommended splitting up the week, or just skipping some.

INDIA.. some extra books from the library

  • “One Grain of Rice” (a mathematical tale of smart thinking with a good moral)
  • “Once a Mouse” (another moral story – other countries are good at those!)
  • “Buddha Stories” (a collection of moral-of-the-story ‘s as told by Buddha
  • Picture book of the Ganges River. Good culture book.

We made a ‘Rakhi” – indian bracelet given from brother to sister signifying him taking care of her.

We made curried chicken and rice. And everyone ate it, including the baby!! 🙂

They colored pictures of Buddha and narrated the story of how he came to be called Buddha and followed by many.


both the boys did maps…

Thad (on top) talked through his copied version of the Usborne Map and his printed ‘clip art’, then we put his hand on the back side of his page.  Keenan (on the bottom of the pic) wrote in his SOTW Activty Guide version of the map (not pictured). We printed out some ‘clip art’ from the Usborne, and put his outlined and painted hand on the bottom of his notebook page.  They are supposed to represent the Africans painting geometric designs on their hands and feet.   (Ours are kind of geometric! 🙂 )

They wanted us to eat something African tonight. I’m uninspired. I’d love some plaintains, but don’t want to go to the store. I’d love to eat some date bars… but don’t want to make them!

Next week we’ll finish the Week 3 portion of Hideaways in Ancient China and Phoenicians.

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