Egyptian Pyramids

A week of exploring Ancient Egypt… I love… LOVE this! 🙂 I am having a lot of fun teaching history. Let’s reword that shall we? I am having a lot of fun letting Susan Wise Bauer and Usborne recommended web sites help me teach history.

We didn’t make the ‘hideaway’ this week. We did the cardstock version of a pyramid and I let the kiddos draw pics on the inside that ‘represented’ them. Which was hilarious.

Here they are sitting on the table closed up, and then Thad’s opened up… it’s too hard to show you pictures of their pictures and have you actually understand what is in there!! I’ll write what they said about their drawings.  Keenan actually wrote some commentary in his.

Keenan pretended he was a pharoah…  Side 1, Guy practicing for war (with shield and spear) and Man yelling “the Nile is flooding”

Side 2: Keenan in his sarcophagus

Side 3: Wrestling with people watching  (think… olympics 🙂  I know – this is Egypt!)

Side 4: Ox trampling on the grain.  Woman throwing grain and husk flying away. (his drawing is great, with the ox inside the vat.)

Floor:  Map of his pyramid.

Thad’s pyramid (in back) was for his family apparently.  Below is his all laid out.

Side 1: Mom in the ladies room.. ( I clarified… I’m the princess in the princess chamber – not the bathroom)  Its the top room.  There are all my jewels.  hundreds of them.

Side 2: Thad doing his new math, and a picture of a soccerball.

Side 3:  Keenan, mirror picture, a toilet and a can lid. (? – not sure what all the significance there is, but apparently it was pretty funny.)

Side 4: Dad lying down.  A broken TV.  A soccer ball picture.  Something he shot. (animal?) A hammer thing, but, actually a weapon hammer… bam, bam, bam, cause it has apointy at the end.

They played an “apprenctice to a mummy person”… they thought that was just great. we explored the Great Pyramids and palaces online and read some extra picture books… “Temple Cat” and a great King Tut picture book.

We burned incense… why not? 🙂 I love smelly things! A couple state fairs ago the kids (ok, Daddy) bought me a pretty incense holder.

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