The Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR Monday July 28, 2008
Outside My Window… more rain, although the forecast said sunny…
I am thinking… that though my house looks a wreck, we were actually very productive today, and I look forward to more organization and discipline… but as Lydia says… ONE habit at a time! You are so wise Lydia!! 🙂
I am thankful for… people that want to rent one of our two units coming up available in August
From the kitchen… the boys, Bryan and Phil, have just cleaned up from bottling their latest batch of beer. Peonies are in a vase on the island. The house still smells a little of dinner. Baked fresh salmon caught a couple days ago, grilled mixed veggies (yellow zucchini, red onion, yellow and green peppers), mexican rice, fresh strawberries and blueberries for dessert with fresh raw cream. Its a good summer sort of a meal. Even if we haven’t seen the sun. And I’m going to make a rhubarb something for breadfast.
I am wearing… capri jeans (I’m pretending its summer), long-sleeved red shirt (but still keeping warm)
I am creating… today Shand (14 months) and I made bracelets with pipe cleaners and large wooden beads. It worked really great… a variation on the yarn and cheerio necklaces. 🙂
I am going… to bed soon. Our goal is to be in bed early. Bryan, his dad and our boys are going fishing in Hope tomorrow. They didn’t get to go dip netting with us over the weekend, so this is their chance to reel in a few.
I am reading… Grace Based Parenting. again. I just bought Heartfelt Discipline by Clay Clarkson and it arrived today in the mail.
I am hoping… for some warm sunshine, especially this weekend for my dear friend’s outside wedding!
I am hearing… Jim Weiss’ CD (Greek Mythology) from the bedroom, and some Moire Brennan out here for me.
Around the house… the boys will be cleaning their room tomorrow morning before breakfast or reading books… this is their consequence since they didn’t do it this evening while listening to their Jim Weiss CD. Keenan is sure he will starve. I assured him it would help him clean faster. Thad wanted to know if they could just make a trail. Three loads of laundry done from camping, most of its folded. Once again, I’m leaving the dishes for the morning. It seems like a cardinal sin in most homes. But some days, it just works better for us.
One of my favorite things… fun and happy family dinners. I love it when we all laugh together as a family. Tonight was one of those nights. The kids loved the salmon. They ate their veggies without too much coercion. (Thad told Bryan it wasn’t a vegetable, it was a veggie!)
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Thad’s last week of soccer (Tue and Th) Keenan’s last week of regular rehearsal, then Friday kicks off 5 days of intense rehearsal at the Performing Arts Center. Tuesday the boys go fishing. Lots of phone calls from potential renters and hopefully choosing two. Friday a bachelorette party and Saturday the rehearsal, and Sunday afternoon the wedding, followed by Souljourn’s worship gathering… an extension of the reception. Not teaching, just lots of celebrating with song and scripture.
Here is picture thought I am sharing… Shand on July 4th in the sunshine.
It did happen once this month, and on a very appropriate day!

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3 responses to “The Simple Woman’s Daybook

  • Emily

    Awww, she looks cute and girly with her patchwork dress. How fun after 2 little boys to dress your daughter.

    and I’m wearing capri’s RIGHT now…and it’s overcast w/ a chance of rain. Don’t Care….at least I can ‘feel’ like it’s July.

  • Lydia

    Thanks for the habit reminder, Renee. I’m pulling myself out of my weaning funk and need to get back on track.

    Wow–your house is definitely the place to come to eat. Too bad I hardly come to Anchorage–mmmm.

  • Bill

    We hope you are finding ways to establish an atmosphere of grace in your home as you read through Grace Based Parenting agian.

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