Monthly Archives: December 2007

Bottom wiping, hair loss and regrowth and other random things

what do these things have in common? Me!

FIRST: How do you work yourself OUT of the job of wiping bottoms that are not your own?

  • My eldest – hearing loss, big balance issues, the poor kiddo would about fall off the toilet every time he tried. I have been compassionate and encouraging… (and now… get back ON the pot and WIPE YOUR BUTT (WYB)!! at least three times! – I do the laundry after all!!!) he is almost 8, and is now independent, as long as I continue to give the WYB reminders. My goal was just to get him independent before the memory of his mother doing the deed was burned permanently on his brain and he had to have counseling for WYB trauma.
  • My next – 4 – almost 5 – has SHORT arms and a long torso. He can’t actually reach. So he only gets one butt cheek. I’ve been encouraging him to try. He assures me when he is 5 he will do it all by himself and never need my help ever again. I assure him he MUST practice with a little supervision before I turn him loose when he is 5.

Next, just a little random observation. I lost 3 heads of hair after this last pregnancy, I am convinced. AMAZING stuff. And its growing back in now – it looks WEIRD around my hairline. very strange.

Right now Thad is in the bath tub singing “give me solvent” – I have NO IDEA what that means 🙂 – I hope its not related to above paragraph.

Christmas photo album to record each year.

Does that sound lovely?  I thought so.  I have been planning on creating one for… lets see… almost 4 years now.  I bought the album to scrapbook it in at Thaddeus’ first Christmas.  3 years later I bought all the papers that I thought I might like to use at a scrapbooking sale.  This year I FINALLY… finally… I can’t believe it… have gotten out pictures to do it.

GUESS WHAT?!?!? Do you know how FEW decent pictures we have of Christmas?  How many pictures do you really want to record of presents under a tree… and people around the dinner table… and snap shots that didn’t turn out, because that was before we exclusively used a digital camera and we didn’t know they didn’t turn out till Christmas was over and it was too late to take some more.

SO what do I do with my beautiful red album?  Maybe I’ll scrapbook our 10 anniversaries years of being married.  our finest and not so finest moments.  (obviously, I haven’t captured our anniversary celebrations on camera)  Yeah.  That could be fun.  A family scrapbook with a focus on us / family, instead of the individual child.


Christmas Around the World – Russia and Ukraine

So Thursday through Monday was not days of great productivity as far as Christmas studying goes.

We are mixing Russian and Ukraine (our Saturday country – but I didn’t want to skip it) Here are the things we did, besides looking up the country on the map and reading about other general customs, flags, currencies, etc in our other country / culture / geography type books.


  • Make Ukrainian Christmas Kalach (braided festive bread) click on link for the picture


  • Put strands of hay on our table at dinner time, to remind us of baby Jesus in the manger.
  • Don’t start dinner until we see the first star of the evening in the east, which remembers the wise men’s trek.

EDIT TO ADD: Our home church leader came and made us Russian borsch (cabbage and beet soup – he does that once and a while, I thought the timing was perfect!)

We forgot the hay for the table, and the boys were VERY disappointed!! 🙂

We watched the Nutcracker, and I bought them a nutcracker… which they have been asking for a couple years now!