Christmas play

Something I am enjoying in our current “church situation”  (what is that – I don’t know)

Anyway, I like how we are the body of Christ across church “lines”  we participate in many of another church’s activities for kids (since ours is so small that  we don’t have much)  They bless us.  Imagine that.  One body, different buildings.  A beautiful thing.

So the boys participated in this other church’s Christmas pageant. 🙂  Here are some pics.


This was the one time I saw anything on his face besides pure boredom.  He faced away from the director the whole time on his hay bale, and sang the words he knew 🙂 in between trying his hat on different ways.


Keenan takes it all very seriously, sings his little heart out, and makes such a handsome cowboy ( as does Thad, I forgot to mention that, but its not like you need me to see that! 🙂 )  He even took his role as an angel seriously.  Though I had a hard time taking him seriously with the little fairy wings and fluffy halo they had him wear.  NOW I know why he wanted to take his sword to practice!!


And here are a few REALLY cute shots of the boys afterwards.  Handsome little tykes.


christmas-cowboy-keenan-1.jpg  christmas-cowboy-keenan-2.jpg  christmas-cowboy-keenan-and-shand.jpg



I know… moderation…

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6 responses to “Christmas play

  • javamamma

    So handsome! I’m curious about the western theme in a Christmas program. I bet it was totally fun!

  • reneegrace

    Christmas at Bethlehem Gulch…

    the same people who wrote the VBS program this last summer

  • Cynthia

    Renee Grace, I followed you here from your comments on my post at Molly’s blog. Your oldest son looks AMAZINGLY like my now 15 year old son at that age … red hair and all. He is the one you can hardly see in the picture of our family … he has his head turned.

    I just want to encourage you to hang in there. It is a painful process. Here is a quote from Fenelon, read at that same workshop by Mark Hamby:

    “The great Physician who sees in us what we cannot see, knows exactly where to place the knife. He cuts away that which we are most reluctant to give up. And how it hurts! But we must remember that pain is only felt where there is life, and where there is life is just the place where death is needed.”

    Know that the Father is your healer and though this is painful and hard, submit to His skillful hands.

  • reneegrace

    thank you Cynthia. growth… ouch and yeah all at the same time.

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