thanks girls…

in real life and on the net… God’s family is good.  GOD is good!!

And what do you know… life is better!! (imagine that!)

we had a neat time of prayer tonight… spent some time “releasing” – as in releasing our garbage and such to Jesus, and worshiping, and moved into intercession for our home churches and Souljourn, and then leadership in our church.

We sang more after that…  I didn’t know if we were done, by “I” didn’t have anything more… but I didn’t feel certain that we had accomplished what God had for us.  We had specifically asked God to pray His heart and sense His burdens… and I wasn’t sure we were done.  then one of the guys shared a vision (he had forgotten – he had fallen asleep afterwards before he shared:) – it is finals week after all!)

SO we then prayed for fallen leadership.  I believe we were lifting up specifically a “fallen” leader here in Anchorage, though I have no idea who… but what an honor.  To pray what God lays on your heart… praying into visions He shows… we can’t do that without God giving a vision to someone, and that one sharing it, and the rest being available to hear and pray.  When we were done with that, I sensed a definite completion of “our” task for the evening.  I pray we continue praying and seeking His heart… not only on Thursdays!!

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