update on smoking conversations

Keenan is asking me if I take drugs ??? Then wanted to know why Carrs grocery store was selling drugs 🙂

Then a conversation about medicine drugs vs “bad” drugs, and why you take them etc.

THEN “mom, you know, you have to not take anything with drugs.  Alcohol, and drugs and “si GAR atease ” – yes – that is how he says cigarettes.  I am not sure where he even READ that word, but read he did, and it is stuck in his mind with that pronunciation.

After preaching at me for a while and asking a million questions (this is all in the car) Thaddeus announces (in the same voice he uses to tell of his aspirations to be a fireman)

“When I jo (grow) up I gonna pwactice smoking!  But no now, tuz I’m too widdle (little)”

(what a relief! )

I don’t think I have to worry though.  Keenan freaked out enough for both of us, and has appointed himself as the smoker police!

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