More moments captured

Keenan has definitely turned out to be the protector brother!! Our first evening home our pastor’s wife was holding Shand-Renee when she started fussing a little… This is the conversation:

K: “You know, the baby is fussing, and the when the baby fusses she wants her mama, so you should give her to my mama”

Maria: “Yes, but she’ll be ok… I’ll just hold the baby till your mom can get her. You know, I’m a mama too!”

K: “Yes, but you aren’t her mama, so I think you should give her to my mom.”

Me: “Its fine sweetie. Maria knows how to hold a baby, she is a mommy too, and I’ll get Shand in a minute”

K: – to Maria “OK, but you need to be careful not to drop her”

I was dying laughing inside and a little apologetic to our poor visitors, who apparently are not to be trusted with this precious life!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Keenan is the official pacifier holder in the car… a job he takes very seriously… he won’t even eat while he holds it in. He is very attentive!! I hadn’t planned on pacifiers… they never gave us one in the hospital, and I didn’t have any in the house… after a week of bleeding and cracked nipples and a baby that wanted to nurse constantly, I sent Bryan to the store the next morning to buy ourselves some pacifiers (dummies – for my Aussie readers!)

A couple days into being home I sent Bryan to the store (yet again – poor guy!) to buy me some pads. He called incredibly confused from the feminine aisle… WHAT TO GET! I tried to describe to him what I needed… He comes home from the store with THIS: Costco size (56 of them!) bag of Serenity pads for leaking bladders!!! LOL My mother in law and I were about rolling on the floor laughing at the poor man!!

I have been amazed at the grace God has given me for patience for the boys. After their 3 day stint at the grandparents watching too much TV, coupled with me being gone, then bringing home a baby, and being sick for the first week and half… they were incredibly wily and inattentive and loud and unfocused…

I was really able to drop life and plug in as many precious moments with them in between all my junk and feeding / diapering the baby. God has been so so SO good… I am overwhelmed at the strength He has doled out and the love He has poured into me for my little family. Here are a few more pics. Her first bath… kind of. Her belly button thingy came off, but there was still stuff there, so I didn’t want to submerge her. This is the first time I’ve ever had to notice that stuff!! They were always in the hospital before!!

This is a totally unposed picture… the boys each had a comb and were grooming their little sister!! It was the funniest thing to me!! Isn’t this next picture just exactly what you’d imagine life could be like… if only I had more sleep and time… Aah… to live to sleep and eat!

Can you believe it? 2 weeks old already!! Here is Thaddeus cooing to her and loving on her…

That is NOT gas!! This girl is such a little social bug… she is so cute and loves to look around at us.

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13 responses to “More moments captured

  • Rachel

    Big sis gets to leave the first comment —
    wow — Shand is SOOO beautiful. I’m so excited I’ll be seeing her in 3 days — don’t worry about the house Renee, enjoy your bub and I’ll ckean the house inbetween lots of cuppas and TimTams. Can’t wait to see you and yourprecious family.

  • Miriam

    Oh, she is beautiful! Such wonderful pics, too. Congratulations, Renee!!! I pray the yucky stuff is past so that you can fully enjoy these baby days. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kari

    WOW, she is so Beautiful! I love all the hair. Congrats again.

  • Mary

    I love that her brothers are so protective and so loving. That is precious! She’s a cutie! Enjoy this time…it flies by too quickly. Blessings on your little family.

  • Brenda

    She’s so precious. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • valerie

    Renee! Congratulations! We are back from Europe, so I can finally ready diaries. She was born a day after my birthday – May is a good month! I’m so happy for you, with your precious little girl and your lovely family time. Bless you heaps.

    love, Valerie

  • myderbe

    She’s beautiful! Just beautiful.

  • emily

    Congratulations, Renee! I am so happy you have your little girl. She is beautiful.
    Brent and Emily Tallman

  • Julie from Seeking The Old Paths

    Oh, Renee ~ What an angel! And I so love pictures like this. These sweet early days pass so quickly…you’ve just gotta capture it. The “big kids” being so enamored with her…it doesn’t end, but the newness of it does. My kids favorite pictures are the ones when they first “met” their new siblings.

    Oh, if only we could soak it all in and remember every detail! Breathe deep, enjoy that new baby smell, that new baby hair…oh, how precious and fleeting.


  • Holly

    She is definitely beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the pictures of the boys with their little sister.

    Thanks so much for posting them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Holy Experience

    Those sons of yours with your daughter.
    She’s as beautiful as her mother.
    I am reveling with you.

    And sending love,

  • CCShe said....

    MAN! I knew she had to be here….and I’ve been so stinking busy I couldn’t even get over here.

    Renee she is EXQUISITE. Every precious little hair, her beautiful attentive eyes – the way she looks at the boys – it’s just all too resplendent for words. Thank you for sharing Shand with us.


  • Laura

    I’ve been meaning to leave you a comment about just how much I love that one close up of this new little one in her pink bath towel….absolutely precious. She is beautiful!!

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