Finally pics of the birth day

And hopefully later this evening pics of the last couple weeks…

I don’t know if the camera captured it… but the look of absolute wonder and awe on Keenan’s face was priceless.  This boy, who LOVES the camera, was completely unaware of it and had eyes only for the baby!  While we struggled to settle on a name, Keenan told everyone her name was Rachel… which is how it ended up being there.  We decided to let him spell it too! 🙂

Thaddeus’ first words were… “peekaboo” and he wanted to see the feet so he could count the toes and then do “This little piggy went to market” He was pretty overwhelmed… I looked absolutely shocking so it no surprise!  I had red dots covering my forehead and cheeks, all over my shoulders and down my back, and chest.  Apparently I was a vigorous pusher!!

Just look at his stunned expression! 🙂

  Now we get the smile.  Thaddeus thought I had to drink lots of milk for it to come out my breasts… LOL And when I didn’t want to pick him he asked if it was because I had “fat elbows” indicating my chest!!

Bryan is enthralled.  It’s precious.  Its been a long two weeks.  I had the worst road of constipation anyone has ever had I am sure… The only reason we weren’t in the ER is because I have a husband who is a nurse, who works at an “Extended Care Center” where they deal with issues like that regularly… yeah. My husband rocks… he is the best… and i have NO dignity left, although he still treats me as his beautiful amazing bride… Enough said.

That ordeal went on through Friday, then Saturday I came down with mastitis that the regular antibiotics didn’t kick, and I ended up in the ER on Monday, where I got new antibiotics… and those are now finished, but no one is convinced it is completely kicked, so I just started a new round to make sure.

I am STARTING to feel like a normal person who is just tired.  Speaking of.  I am going to nap, and you MUST come back for some more pictures… there are some beautiful ones of this little princess!!

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4 responses to “Finally pics of the birth day

  • javamamma

    So glad to see photos of the little princess and her protector brothers! I’ll be watching for more photos – but rest, rest, rest as much as you can…sounds like your post-pregnancy road hasn’t been easy. Again, your little lady is adorable!

  • Heidi

    What a wonderful little girl! And your boys are so sweet with her. Rest as much as possible and get well soon!

  • Rachelle

    Your little girl is beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing more pics. But like everyone else has already said, I hope you get some rest and feel better soon.
    Blessings ~ Rachelle

  • Christian

    What a wonderful event! All my best wishes from a christian family of Switzerland with 4 boys and 2 girls from Switzerland. I hope you will feel better soon. My wife had the same problems a year ago when Seraina was born. God bless you.

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