All you lovely girlfriends…

Thanks for all the great comments and encouragement girls!!

I almost feel like a new, first time mom again… It has been 4 years, and I kind of forget how all this stuff works! I was reading tonight all about that post-partum period… glad I did that so I wasn’t surprised when I was reintroduced to the discomfort and pain of those first couple weeks after giving birth… whether it is surgical or natural… speaking of natural…

Keenan is always wanting to know how they are going to cut the baby out of my tummy (why should it be any other way, after all he and brother came out that way!)  Thaddeus thought it might come out my mouth!! 🙂 or if it would just my tummy would just pop open… (it does feel like that at times!)

I told them mommy’s have special places for babies to come out… down there (and I just waved in the general area)… Thaddeus says “Like your butts? Just kidding mama!!” (ha ha ha!!! He thought he made a grand joke!!) 🙂 And then, as it usually does, the conversation moved on to much more pleasant things!!

The kids were giggling over my belly last night at bedtime, talking to baby and blowing raspberries on my belly button (you know… the only access they have to in there!!)  They are getting so excited… as am I!!  So excited I decided to start planting my bulbs… 🙂

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5 responses to “All you lovely girlfriends…

  • Emily (nsremom)

    So still no baby? I love kids’ response to pregnancy. When I told my 3 yo son that I was breastfeeding and the baby was getting milk, he asked ‘what’s in the other one….juice?’ no kidding. 🙂

    kids. They are the greatest.

    I need to peruse your other posts and see if you have another name chosen. I love your boys’ names. They are so unique and cool sounding.

  • javamamma

    It’s funny how the belly button becomes the way to communicate with baby. It’s like we think it’s a little microphone or something. :o)

  • Bev

    My daughter wanted to know if the mommy poops the baby. -BevG

  • Rachelle

    I love how they’re connecting with their little bro/sis. So cute!

  • Laura

    I love the way they are so excited about the baby! And I’m so excited for you too!!

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