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charlie horses when pregnant

I have always got charlie horses when pregnant… tons of them… they wake me up in the night, and I get them during the day too. Usually in my calves.

Yesterday, I got a charlie horse in my BUTT CHEEK!!! You know how it helps to stretch it a certain way? I couldn’t figure out how to stand or sit… how do you stretch your butt cheek muscle so a charlie horse will stop… It left without me having to ask my 7 yr old to punch my buttock really hard. That was good!! 🙂

My 34 week belly

Here are the promised pictures…

a week and a half old, but still… we’ll get the next ones up when we take them! 🙂

pictures over at the other place!!

Please come see the pics of my cute and hysterical children… and COMING SOON… my 34 week belly and my 35 week belly!!  yes.  if you can stand it, you may look at my beautiful baby through my skin! 🙂

A Life of Balance

my sick rocker Thaddeus…

SO, we went bowling with friends the a couple weekends ago… at EIGHT O’CLOCK at night… already past our kids bed time!  It was crazy… 10pm before we were done, and then we figured, what the heck its so late, lets go to Dennys and eat!! It was COMICAL the kids were so tired and loopy… it was as if they were drugged.  very funny.  ANYWAY here are some pics of Thaddeus, with a too big borrowed shirt, and LONG hair!! 🙂



And of course, Keenan, is really into spiked hair now, since a couple friends had theirs done at the hairdresser.  He did it himself… I am not sure what he used, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t hair gel… but it stayed!

   Dad is a great, if comical, teacher!

And here is poor sick Thad, being kept company by our little dog, Zeen.  He just wanted to rest with his taggy blanket (the infamous tag!) and Nana’s blanket (that my mom quilted him)

SO there you have it… pics.  Coming up next… my big belly at 34 weeks, and my TODAY belly at 35 weeks!!! yippee!!  Now I know what all the whining from third trimester pregnant women is all about!!  I would STILL take the aches and pains and discomfort any day over a preemie baby, though. 🙂

Rambling emotional rant…

because I am being a dedicated mother, and making the hot cross buns I promised for tomorrow… even though I forgot they had to raise before going into the refrigerator, and I forgot that they had to be out of the fridge for an hour before I could punch them down so they could rise again adn then cook so we can eat them before we are out of the door at 8:15… what am I thinking????????????

oh well.

Life goes on… the last Science program of the year tomorrow, followed by Passover Dinner… at, yes, MY house… its big and I love being a hostess, right? Today, not feeling the love, let me tell you. I am so so tired. My body hurts, my back hurts, my feet are swollen and… hurt.

I am overwhelmed with life and the list of things that MUST get done, not even counting the things that should get done, or would be nice to get done or the wish list…

I am a whiner and a grump.

And, Jesus Christ died to save ME!! Me, who has experienced so much of His grace, and love, and mercy, and blessings and miracles… and yet can still be so self-centered and judgemental and lazy and emotionallly psychotic.

And then He rose, to set me free to love Him, and to free me from life-sucking self.

Suddenly, I am not so grumpy anymore.  It really comes down to where our thoughts are at times, doesn’t it?  Whatever things are lovely, pure… think on these things… taking every thought captive… renewing my mind…

Palm Sunday / Good Fridays service

We had a really neat service this week.

We started traditionally, outside,  read the Holy week passage, and walked in singing He Is Exalted…

He Is Exalted

We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory

Ancient of Days

teaching, including the Scripture readings…

When I Survey – guitar feel

How Deep the Father’s Love For Us – switched to piano feel, with penny whistle fill here and there

Amazing grace (not the hymn… the little chorus… BEAUTIFUL if you’ve never heard it!!!)

O Sacred Head Now Wounded – just me and the piano.  Can you believe Nazarenes don’t know this song? 🙂 Its only one of my favorite crucifxion hymns!!!

Reading of Trial and Crucifxion



My kiddo Thad


Keenan and Thaddeus came in from outside yesterday… they wanted to play and enjoy our “warm” weather (its amazing how good above freezing feels, even if its not far above!!)

Thaddeus (3 almost 4) comes up all excited and states proudly,  ” MOM!  I peed in the snow and now its melting!” LOL!!

The BEST part, though, was when he acted it out for me!

The WORST part was when he stated he was going to go out and poop in the snow!!  I said NO!!!  he doesn’t understand why, and he mentioned it AGAIN today… but he hasn’t… and I’m pretty sure Keenan won’t let him!


I was leaving for rehearsal the other day and Thaddeus says, “Well, I want you to leave the baby here!” 🙂 I am sure once the baby “pops out”, as he puts it, I will be happy to leave the baby there during rehearsal!!