Earth Day

Recently I discovered Earth Day… I had always got the impression ‘greeny’ type things weren’t for Christians… It was an impression I got, not necessarily an accurate one.  Most Christians I talk to really DO want to take care of the earth, although most aren’t terribly proactive… that is a fairly common thing among most Christians I know.  They aren’t really proactive about much, quite frankly, except maybe going to church on Sunday morning.  That is a side note, and I’m sure many would disagree with me, just as many would prove me wrong (and that would be awesome!)

There has been a renewal recently in earth awareness, recycling, etc, and I think it is awesome.

My kids and I have recently become involved in a groups called Roots and Shoots.  It has taken a non-Christian (almost actively so!) to awaken me and spur me on to be more proactive.  I am SO thankful for what I have learned from these friends, and I hope and pray in turn, in spite of me, she and her family will meet Jesus one day.

Last week three of us homeschooling families walked the trails with our young children to pick up trash, bringing it home to recycle (our recycling is rather limited here in Alaska) and making sculptures out of the non-recyclable items… Here are our projects:

Keenan made a t-shirt… very creative thinking!  I suggested he put a head on it, so we knew for sure!  Made out of a Quiznos cup and lid, some shiny gift wrap bow, straws for arms…

Keenan’s first idea was a boat… made out of two bottoms of the trays of those yummy rotisserie Costco chickens, a whipped cream carton, part of a margarine tub lid for the life saver, bottle caps for windows, pringle peel off sealers for the sail, tied on with a twisty tie thing, a straw, and my favorite part that you can’t see was the rudder, made out of a plastic knife.  He did a great job designing this!!

and finally, my idea, but the kids decorated it… and Keenan turned it from a butterfly into a dragonfly…

The tops of the two rotisserie chicken containers, Ritz cracker plastic cut into strips, more margarine container lid cut up (that lid got A LOT of mileage!) a torn apart red shiny bow, cut into strips,  an empty wax covered coffee bag with the top turn over thing used as the antennaes… and bottle caps for the eyes.

SO There you have it… didn’t they do an awesome job?  And now they, and I, understand more about recycling… we have our bags of trash sorting, and will start carrying bags with us to pick up trash when we go on our walks on the trails come REAL spring… (as in after the snow melts!)

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