ideas for the end of year burn out

Rachelle from Three Knights and a Princess needed some inspiration… and I can’t seem to comment on any eblogger accounts (sorry friends… not completely ignoring you!)  So here are some ideas I plan on for the summer after baby comes.
Library books!!  ‘educational’ movies, including my favorite musicals from childhood!!

Some sort of random field trip you always wanted to do but haven’t (fire station / police / tv channels)

You know those activity books on our shelves that have great ideas and we say “one day”… be determined… 3 days a week… or one day a week!! 🙂

Included in that would be my new book coming “Family Math” – my version of math for the summer…

Nature walks… field guides… ‘treasure hunts’ if they are like my boys and don’t like to look at a  flower just for the pure joy of looking at it and drawing it! 🙂


Thanks so much to rachelle for the thinking blogger award thing… I dont’ know how to get the little button thingy up… but I’m impressed with myself that I make someone think, especially with the subject of my last few posts!! 🙂 (butt cramps and all!!)

I must tag 5 people with this lovely award… pretty much everyone I read has been given this award already in my blog lists… So I have no one new to add…  BUT I’ll come back and edit this soon to put my favorite thinkers up!! 🙂

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A place to record my journey of creating a life of balance. First as God's child and bride, "wifing", mothering, homeschooling, leading worship, neighboring, mentoring, teaching piano, and the myriad of other things that clamor for my time and energy. And a place to put pictures to show my family whom I miss incredibly, and who live so very far away from us here in Alaska!! View all posts by reneegrace

3 responses to “ideas for the end of year burn out

  • javamamma

    Great ideas. I’m definitely planning some stuff for the summer. I want to take advantage of having the kids around all day. I figure if we keep busy, we won’t drive each other nuts!

  • Rachelle

    Great ideas! Treasure hunts would go over well with my kiddos. I have to admit that I have a few activity books on my shelf that have hardly been used…and they looked so good when I bought them! I guess now would be a good time to start. 🙂

  • kissesfromheaven

    We always had busy summers with the kids. A lot of the things we had planned fell by the wayside for other things. But that’s okay. The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. And that’s what He did. Seems like the summers go too fast.

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