Is Emergent heretical?

I ran across a link at tallskinnykiwi and thought I’d link them over here. “Dr Ken Meeks has been examining the Emergent church movement in light of the accusations from Calvary Chapel. He is not speaking from an emerging church standpoint but from a Bible College teacher.” Is emergent heretical? There is a discussion on pluralism vs inclusivism and this one as well. which I thought very good… I hadn’t really thought through the differences before.

There is much more there, and I look forward to him finishing his series in answering this question. I think the church tends to throw around the “false teacher” and “heresy” and “apostasy” words a little too freely, without really understanding or thinking through what they are accusing.

Anyway, I’m off to bed, Bryan is working a double shift, and I need sleep to get up at 5:30 – I am liking this!! maybe I’ll continue after LENT!!

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6 responses to “Is Emergent heretical?

  • Heidi

    Excellent links. I am going to have to take some time to read them.
    Thank you… 🙂

  • EEEEMommy

    Very interesting, and unfortunately absorbing as I’ve now “lost” a morning of schoolwork…sigh! I have merely scratched the surface, but I did want to encourage you to read the actual Calvary Chapel letter yourself if you haven’t already:

    In my opinion, the Calvary position was not justly represented in some of these blogs. For example, the very first paragraph reads, “It’s not that we believe that we have the ‘best’ or ‘only’ way; it’s simply the way we approach God’s word within Calvary Chapel.” And with regard to heresy. The statement that is made is that their is a “tendency toward this” (referring to 1 Peter 2:1 & Jude 1:4) which is different than calling it outright heresy. Perhaps I’m splitting hairs…. Bottom line, the document was an in-house document meant to be applied to those who call themselves Calvary Chapel, to eliminate confusion on what does and doesn’t qualify as a “Calvary Chapel” church.

    I will say, that of the comments that were made on the “is emergent heretical” post, I appreciated yours more than the majority, perhaps it’s because I “know” you, but more than that, I appreciated your honest response, even with humor, gently correcting those who may mis-understand and yet not in a defensive way. As much as the “neo-pharisees” were critiqued for their judgement, I felt quite a bit of judgement from some of the “Emergent” comments.

    Trying to be open-minded,

  • javamamma

    after those comments, i better find some time to read through your links. after the kids go to bed tonight maybe…..

  • reneegrace

    I need some time to think, and then I’d like to post some more on some thoughts I have been having. I have read Calvary Chapel’s letter a while ago… I’ll go back and read again. I LOVE Calvary Chapel… I grew so so much while I attended there. And I still love Calvary Chapel even with this letter :).

    I agree EEEEMommy… there is a lot of judgement flowing around… and then those feeling judged judging that everyone else is judging etc. just a big round circle… in this discussion and every other controversial type issues where you can find more than one side to! We Christians are not so hot at showing love to others that disagree with us, and its a shame.

    Anyway. I’ll be back at some point to write a few more thoughts. on this in a new post.

  • EEEEMommy

    Well said, Renee! I look forward to reading your thoughts in the future and being enlightened and/or stretched.
    Have a great weekend!

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