Day before Christmas Eve…/ Day

Bryan has this weekend off, SO our Christmas celebrations were Saturday and Sunday… leaving Monday night after work for the in-laws to celebrate with… EXTENDED Christmas… yes the best kind really!  (SO, Rachel, I am FINE with your package arriving a month late!! really!! )

Bryan had the most fabulous idea, which will become a new monthly-at-least tradition, to go to our local Kaladi Bros in the morning.  They just expanded into a good size space, with lots of tables, so we brought along a big bag of games to play with the kids, and bought them a cinnamon roll to share, we had special lattes!!! mmmmmmmmmmmm and a blueberrry scone… and we played games with the kids for two hours…

Sadly enough, I hardly ever do that!!  we will play for a little while but then the phone rings, or I have something to do , or whatever.  SO it was a great time, even with a water spill, a coffee spill, and wet  pants

THEN we went grocery shopping for some things we needed… all of us… which I always enjoy, though we always take FOREVER, since Bryan and I have to discuss new recipes while we shop and everything else!!

Home… the kids were too tired to want lunch, so we napped them, which then of course meant that Daddy needed a nap!!   and me… I mosied around and did… stuff.. prepared for Christmas…. the next day for us, and the Christmas Eve service to be at our house the next evening…

And then Daddy took the boys outside to build a snow cave with the large amounts of snow that have been falling over us!! Here’s a pic of the kids helping Dad shovel the walkway from the driveway down below, to the front door up above…

And here is the snow cave… aka, plastic house covered with  snow… they have so far had a wonderful time playing in it, although it isn’t yet what Daddy has envisioned!!! 🙂

I’ll post Christmas pics later… the kids are watching the Disney parade on TV in their underwear… so I had better get them dressed so we can go have a Christmas visit with Daddy at the hospital.

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One response to “Day before Christmas Eve…/ Day

  • ByHisGraceInColorado

    Thank you for faithfully visiting my blog and leaving me such nice comments. It is always a blessing to see that you have been by!
    I loved reading your blog today. We had a wonderful morning, and I think overall, the kids were blessed and we are enjoying the 'afterglow' of the holiday!
    God is so good to us. In more ways than I can count, He is just, merciful and kind to His people who just keep failing and deserving much less than He gives us each day.

    My Christmas award moment went to my 8 year old this morning. He got a set of two remote control cars, and when his 12 year old brother (who has been a bear all week) said "there is TWO of them!" Josh said, "yes, one for each of us!"

    He certainly got the idea today, didn't he?
    Lord be praised!

    Hugs to you at the end of this wonderful year, and prayers for many more of the same,

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