And then there was Christmas Eve (which includes house pics!)

after watching the PBS special the night before with Renee Fleming in Germany… (it was fabulous, by the way, but what of Renee Fleming is NOT fabulous!!  Even the kids really enjoyed it, operatic though it was)

AND being up far too late, trying to get things done that needed to get done so we could just relax the next day, which of course didn’t exactly happen…

AND then having a horrible tummy ache from left over ham an bean soup for TWO hours in the middle of the night, I was SO SO tired when the kids came into our bed… Keenan disappears for aminute then comes back, in his LOUDEST stage whisper (so as not to wake the dog) Santa was here!!! i felt all our stockings, and there is stuff in them!!!

so we dragged ourselves up, lit all the pretty candles and turned the Christmas lights on, put the cinnamon rolls I mad the night before in the oven… grabbed some coffee… and opened stockings.  I am so thankful they didn’t seem to notice that Santa wraps presents in the SAME paper mommy does!!  I am not too good about being careful, since they don’t REALLY believe it anyway… Oh I am so confused… I just try to follow Keenan’s lead… not spoil his fantasy, yet not lead him on either!!

EVERYTHING they got out this is how the conversation would go:
   K:  "OH, another present that is wrapped"
   Th: "Me too!"

    K: "OH its my FAVORITE (fill in the blank) EVER!! I love it!!"
    Th: "Its my favorite too!!  I love it!!"

Here is the lovely LR… notice the curtains I picked out at the beginning of December… I just love them.  burgundy, rust, purple, some yellow… very shimmery and bohemianish.  The door on the right is a large closet that backs up to the MBR hot tub (that doesn’t work)  We inherited this couch from someone… we are such scavengers!!   Our coffee table we are storing for our pastor, who inherited it from someone but it doesn’t fit in their house… so we get it for now!

IF ONLY we could have found our plug in for the video camera, we could have had it charged and been videoing… but alas… could not find it ANYWHERE!!

followed by breakfast, where K: "Mommy, you make the best cinnamon rolls in the world!"  please note our Jesse Tree ornaments hanging up over the archway thingy…and go ahead and note all the the shiny wallpaper… where are the unicorn pictures when you need them!!

and presents under the tree… (this pic is taken from the kitchen… the entry way is directly to my right) – we are looking thru the dining room into the sun room

They were really great this year, as far as saying thank you, and looking / waiting for others when they opened theirs, saying thank you when it was from us, or brother… (great improvement from last year, mom and dad!!! )

then there was playing of new games, etc. and…. ONCE MORE… otu to shovel the huge amount of fresh fallen snow… 2 hours later (longer for Bryan) we came in to eat the ham / cheese rolls I had made the night before also, and finish getting ready for the Christmas Eve service… we were ready…

Here is the sun room… I am standing in the center kind of … so you’ll miss the middle section… yes it is that big!  to the left is the dining room….

(looking the other direction…  Keenan’s book case on the right… directly to my right you can’t see our desk… to my left the second set of large huge picture windows, and the book shelf keeps their chapter books and puzzles and whatever else.  There is a tiny TV for their use and the truck bin the shelf high in the wall is for our  games and stuff.  Its a fun room… SO much light and beautiful views.)

EXCEPT as the first people arrived, and I greeted them…. I realized I was STILL in my pajama bottoms!! oops!! yes, I shovelled snow in my PJ’s… but I had snow pants on top, so its not like you noticed or anything!!

The service was lovely, short, lots of singing, a nice communion, then we put the kids to bed and watched some corny dumb movie on TV while folding laundry…

Of course we had one more present to prepare… you’ll appreciate this Dad… separating habanero powder and jalepeno powder into separate jars for every one… yes, the men in Bryan’s family and extended family LOVE LOVE hot food!!!  Here is Bryan… yes its a mask!! and it still got in his throat and nose!!

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6 responses to “And then there was Christmas Eve (which includes house pics!)

  • Anonymous

    Merry Christmas! Loved the pictures, especially the one in the mask, lol. They all must REALLY love hot food to go through all of that.


  • OurHomeSweetHomeschool

    Whoops… the above comment was from me. I forgot to sign in.


  • EEEEMommy

    Thanks for the pics!
    I love the fireplace wall and agree that the curtains are fabulous. (I have a bit of bohemian in me too!)
    Sounds like a great day.
    Is your dh a doctor? nurse?

    Off topic: you asked a while back about non-HSB friends in the "Friends" list. I don't have them posted there, I just have them bookmarked on my computer. I haven't had the time to become html savvy, but I have seen other people have a list in their sidebars of other friends…good luck!

  • javamamma

    Sounds like a merry, merry Christmas! Love the pics of the house too. We just finished up our last family celebration this afternoon. Whew. This celebratin' can wear a gal out! :o)

  • Anonymous

    Renee, you have a lovely home – and I thrilled at being "invited" into it. 🙂

    As for the hubby with the mask thang…I think my husband wants to be adopted in. He LOVES hot food and the rest of his family think he's a loop for it. 🙂

    Thanks – this was truly a delight,
    Dawn C

  • REInvestor

    I haven't been by in awhile, but wanted to stop and say hi. The house looks quite spacious from your pictures. Glad it all worked out for you.
    Happy New Year.

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