Christmas Eve Service

Doing Christmas Eve services is rather new for Bryan and i… this will be our 3rd year… ok we have only been married like 9ish Christmases… but STILL!

I like it though.  We used to collect special foods all years (mustards, sauces, chocolates, things like that) from our travels or occassions… then Christmas Eve we would get them all out, buy a few more fun things, like shrimp, water crackers, some port or wine, and have a fun snacky dinner with the Christmas lights, Christmas music, and the Nativity Story… and then we started inviting people to our little celebration… and NOW… we do a Christmas Eve Service with Souljourn. 🙂

This year, it is in our home… candles, the fireplace lit, music, communion, prayer… it will be a lovely celebration of Christ’s coming for which we have been preparing the month of December.

Although, in regards to the candles, I did have to insist to our pastor that we NOT use the taper candles  with the little cardboardy things around them… I mean sure I’d love new carpet… and a couch… but I’m pretty sure Souljourn can’t pay for them, and we definitely can’t!! I’m picture children / old and young! tripping, tipping, wax everywhere… aagh!!

So we will have tealights in little votive holders… it should work just as nicely, I think.

Last year we met around a dumpster by a one hour motel… being as there was "no room" inside!  It was a very special night – if COLD!!   Plus my parents were here to celebrate with us!

Have a lovely Christmas weekend…

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One response to “Christmas Eve Service

  • kleo30

    Hi Renee. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's always nice to meet a new HSB friend. Your Christmas Eve services sounds wonderful.

    Have a blessed and Christ filled Christmas~Kelly

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