Keenan's Salvation

YEAH!!!  We feel sure we can say that Keenan is a Christian.  He has always had a tender heart for God, didn't like that Jesus died, loved God, knew he did wrong things, but it didn't seem to click until this last Sunday.  Where I believe it did!!

At a church out at Eagle River, we went to their “Honor our Kids” day… while there, in the object lesson tent, he raise his hand and asked to pray at the end.

Keenan: “Dear God, I don't want to be dirty any more.  Please make my heart clean. Amen.”

(the teacher told me he just totally got everything she talked about, as evidenced by his sweet prayer)

That night at the Souljourn worship gathering, we had communion as the first part of the teaching time.  We kept Keenan in with us, so he could have his first communion (not counting the two Passover dinners we have done).   He was very serious, no silliness, not distracted at all (if you know Keenan, that is saying something!!)  He totally seemed to get it.  We have talked about it a lot.  For the first time he didn't say “But I don't want Jesus to die!” –  he seemed to understand that it was necessary.

At bedtime, we went over the events of the day… this is his rundown…

Mama: what was your favorite part of the Kids Day at church (clowns, inflatables to jump in, winning a prize, bubbles, water balloons and water guns, ballooon shapes… etc)

Keenan:  the tent (where the object lesson was done)

he actually wanted to go through and listen again, but we couldn't stay 😦

Mama:  Did you pray?  What about?

Keenan:  Oh, I just prayed my heart up to God.

Mama:  What did you think of communion?

Keenan: Happy.  Sad.

Mama: what parts?

Keenan:  Happy that Jesus died for me (that is a first!)  Sad because I do wrong things, and (insert grumpy frustrated face) I hate Satan.  I just wish God would send him to the punishment (place)!!!

I really think there has been some spiritual warfare going on.  The week before he was TOO grumpy!! ornary, attitude filled… ick.  Monday, riding in the car.  he started telling me about the thunder in his head… he didn't like the thunder and he wished it would go away.

Mama:  What does the thunder feel like?

Keeenan:  It feels like frustration and anger and buzzing and I don't like it.  I just hate Satan.  But I love God, and I hate Satan.   But I really love God.  Last year (yesterday) I prayed and the thunder went away, and I want it to go away again.

SO that is what is going on in our house!!

included in all that, is an extra little boy, 2yrs, from 7 – 5, and “our” 13yr girl (next door neighbors daughter) and trying to close on this triplex… which I think is really going to happen at some point here!!! 🙂

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11 responses to “Keenan's Salvation

  • lovingitmotherof2

    Congradulations to Keenan! What a wonderful day.

  • javamamma

    This is so awesome! How exciting for you, mamma! As well as “praying his heart up to God”, he seems very spiritually perceptive. He should make a great little prayer warrior with his passion for God and his passionate hatred for the Enemy!

  • Anonymous

    Very very cool! He seems to be able to put words to what he’s feeling very well. We pray with you that he continues to grow in stature and wisdom, in favor with God and with men. Good stuff!

  • consumebyfire

    sorry, didn’t log in! Doh! Previous comment was me.

  • WaitingontheLord

    Rejoicing with you and all of the angels!

  • Jimmie

    Catching up on blogs…. It’s been a while. WOW! A lot has happened! One in the trunk and another one saved. Well, I guess they were BOTH saved this week but in different ways! 🙂 How scary about the trunk! And how wonderful about the spiritual salvation!

  • nsremom

    Yeah Keenan!!! You have soooo many brothers and sisters now. Believe it or not. I am your sister! And my fun little boy Nathan is your brother.

    Welcome to our family!

  • KeepingtheHome

    Oh, Renee, Thanks for sharing your story! What a wonderful day for you!

  • EEEEMommy

    How exciting! I’ll be praying that the thunder in his head goes away too! Satan is horrible, but isn’t God amazing!?!?
    I’m thrilled for you all!

  • REInvestor

    I love when I have a chance to see those tender moments of God’s grace in the lives of my children. Treasure them, as you are.
    I was checking to see if you bought your house yet. What is holding up the process? Do you have a settlement date set yet?

  • WaitingontheLord

    Are you interested in being tagged? I have always said that I wouldn’t tag anyone, but these questions were great. (I’m probably a little strange.) 🙂

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