A Different Way to Read Scripture

(First Posted, April 2006)

EDIT TO ADD: I didn’t tell you how we read the Scripture!! – during the response time we read the Ephesians chapter 6 times,using 6 different voices, one oafter another (30 – 60 seconds between each one)… It was really effective!!

Last service we had was wonderful. As each person cries out to God and worships with their whole heart, it does something to the atmosphere of the place!!! I dont understand it all, or how it ties in to the omnipresence of God, and the continuous indwelling of the Spirit, but when two or more are gathered in His name, HE IS THERE – in a real and almost tangible way.

It Is You (Newsboys)
Scripture during intro of next song Psalm 139:7-10
Nothing Without You

Teaching on Phillipians 1:20-26

Response time for 5ish minutes

Reading of Ephesians 3:16-19

more response time


Draw Me Nearer
Its All About You (Jesus Lover of My Soul)
I Want to Know You (In the Secret)
Jesus, You Alone

update on the house: – we went to look through the other two units (offer contingent on looking on the other two units) – this is after 3 weeks the home owners accepting our original offer, redoing all the paperwork, and wouldn’t you know, there was another party their looking at it as well!! SO looks like they will be hanging out to see if the others make a better offer than ours!! SO we wait again. If we get this place, it will be God!! – and if we don’t, it will still be Him – WOW – there is GREAT comfort in a Sovereign God whose hand is on every aspect of our lives!!!

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