Thad's 3rd Brithday

Funky Dragon – he wanted a dragon cake, more than presents, all week, he just wanted his dragon cake

no games – he JUST wanted the cake!! even after he threw up tonight, he wanted cake… what does he want for breakfast tomorrow? yup, dragon cake!
The two little friends we had over… Lee and Eli… the fiersome wanna be dragon slayers!! My dear neighbor Anne MADE the fabulous horse, complete with a shield and sword, all from household products!! – She is my inspiration when it comes to crafts and creativity!!
Sir Keenan, Dragon Slayer Extraordinaire

AND finally, they wanted their new bedding… Thaddeus has been waiting till he is three to sleep in the BIG bed, leave the crib (wah!)… getting their lesson in a level.  So an hour past bedtime, we are drilling in the side rail so he doesn't fall out… Grandma and Grandpa both gave them new sheets and quilts… space stuff for Keenan (top bunk) and sports for Thad. The bunk bed is courtesy of Puppa (my dad) and Bryan, much scrab lumber and ingenuity!!  
Keenan was most excited about his “pillow sheets”.  Thad puked after dinner tonight… check out the color of the cake.. yup – real pretty!! I asked where his owie was (obviously before he puked) he says “right here at home in our house”

ok – I am beat – it was a fun party… very laid back, we don't play games… they wouldn't want to anyway, too many toys to play with!!

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8 responses to “Thad's 3rd Brithday

  • Jimmie

    Your cake is beautiful! Well done! I think that’s great that he just wanted a cake. It’s a lot easier than planning all the games and making everything fit a theme.

    Glad you had a good time.

  • nsremom

    I love the cake! That was some clever carving on your part. Going to a big boy bed is such a big deal to kids. How cool that his first big boy bed gets to be with his brother. Fun. Plus, new sheets! Man, he’s having a GREAT birthday, huh?

    p.s. off-the-wall remark….I really like the color of your walls. I dig sage green.

  • joyfulhomeschool

    That cake is Too cute! Sounds like your son got exactly what he wanted for his birthday…CAKE!! How sweet! I loved what your friend made…that was really creative! New big boy bed…that is hard on Mommy but fun too. Glad it turned out so fun, hope you get rested. 🙂

  • javamamma

    Sounds like fun – except the puking part. Happy Birthday to your son! My youngest turns 3 in July – they’re not babies anymore. sigh.

  • REInvestor

    A great book on the theme of dragons is St. George and the Dragon adapted by MArgaret Hodges and illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman. I remember starting my ds with this book already at 3, although for some kids it is young. But it is such a wonderful story and a great dragon fight and wonderful illustrations (key for me to a great picture book.) Worth buying if you have a dragon slayer in your house, which it seems you do.

  • EEEEMommy

    Kudos on the cake!
    My kids are into dragons now too as we just finished listening to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S.Lewis where one of the characters turns into a dragon.
    We’ve also had fun with the Ken Ham books where he asserts that dragons were really dinosaurs (or exagerated stories based on real dinosaurs).
    Very interesting!

  • kindredspiritMom

    I love the dragon. It’s so cool to see how boys gravitate to the hero role. It’s so how God made them. I think if grown men could still play with swords they would be a lot happier 🙂

  • EEEEMommy

    I was e-mailing my talk to the people who had requested it and don’t have your e-mail.

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