What makes our time special – IT'S OUR ANNIVERSARY!!

It's our 8th anniversary today, and we haven't actually seen each other's face.  I was judging a highschool competition , left the house at 6:45, got home after 7, handed the kdis to Grandma, and went to worship team rehearsal….  Bryan called a few minutes ago, and says, HEY, guess what?  I don't itch anymore!! (7 year itch – its been a bit of a joke with us) I just woke up this morning, and its… GONE!

Bryan asked me tonight what I wanted to do for our anniversary ( which is today, and it is 10:45pm).  On someone else's blog, I already commented that we aren't big gift givers… we are both procrastinators, and thankfully our love language is not gifts, so that helps!!
So I am brainstorming, and pondering the things we think are special.  You know?  I want to drive around looking at prospective four-  and tri-plexes, go to a fun coffee shop and sit on a couch with specialty coffees cuddling… maybe go for a hike, or a walk through the mall holding hands and not chasing children, just missing them, spending that gift card we got for Christmas! ( we haven't been back to the mall since we shopped there in December!) –

OH and play some Cribbage or Scrabble or the 15 count Domino set we bought – I think when I bought it I used the excuse that our anniversary was coming up anyway!  Open the special port wine from Australia we've been hoarding for a special occasion, and get out the special port glasses I bought him from the Margaret River Wine Region in Australia, and eat a Tim Tam (from Australia )

Yup, those are a few of our favorite things… pretty random, nothing fancy, just time together with time to talk about the past, anazlye the present, and dream about the future.  We are a good match. 

Nobody's grass is as green as ours.

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4 responses to “What makes our time special – IT'S OUR ANNIVERSARY!!

  • Mileshouse

    You guys sound like some folks we could hang with! We’re not big gift folks either, and focus more on experiences with one another.

    I also read down to your post of Sunday meeting – sounds fantabulous! We’ll pop up there for next Sunday – kay?

    Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. We’re excited to see what God has for us and know this time of searching will pay off in eternity.

    Melanie in Louisiana

  • Lydia

    Congratulations, Renee,

    You sound like me as far as celebrating. My dh and I do a lot of the same things. Cribbage is currently our favorite game and we like to just hang out together, drink coffee, play games and visit–any time alone is pretty much perfect. Have a great day!

  • nsremom

    Happy anniversary….Yeah…no itching. 🙂 and did someone mention games???? We would love to come play games! Last week alone we played Yahtzee, Uno (hello kitty version), Whoonu, Sodoku, phase 10 and phase 10 dicegame. That was from Thursday night thru Sunday when my hubby left. Our kids BEG to play games as a fam. All 6 of us on the floor in the living room. What awesome memories.

    Sounds like fun!

  • javamamma

    Happy Anniversary! We’ll be celebrating our 9th in June. We’re not huge gift givers either so you’re thoughts sound just like things we would do!

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